2016 Goal List Do-Over…


Ok, so after talking to some people (real life people) I realized I may have done my goals list a little immaturely. I should have categories in these goals and more than only 5. So I am redoing my goal list and I also realized that it’s kind of important to share this with Sir and have a dialogue about it. So I have done that and here is the finished product….I’ve broken them down into categories…


  • Eat healthier, less fast food
  • Cook more—at least 2-3 times a week
  • Stay out of the hospital
  • Get Lupus completely under control


  • Save up money to get business legalized by state $525 total…save $25 per two weeks.
  • Work with SBDC to get business plan made and to get funding for business
  • Find an affordable space to rent for business
  • Would like to open Kennel business by the end of the year
  • Continue selling Thirty-One to make extra income

Dog Goals 

  • Presco: CD title, maybe go for RA title
  • Heidi: RA, RE title…start going for RAE title. Start her back in Agility classes
  • Capone: BN, RN, CGC titles—continue nosework classes, novice classes, and start in IPO work for BH title.
  • Work dogs everyday. Come up with a daily schedule for each dog and what they need to work on that day. (this can also be counted as physical goal because it does take a lot of me to practice with these babies)
  • Become better handler
  • Take Seminars offered by different training facilities
  • Work on building boxer klub


  • Try to stay in contact with friends better
  • Dig Deeper into my submission by reading books on BDSM and submission
  • Keep better records
  • Keep House clean
  • Journal everyday
  • Blog at least 3 times a week (M,W,F)


  • Communicate my feelings better
  • More active in the BDSM Community–Sloshes, Munches, Parties
  • Attend Conferences and Seminars to learn more about lifestyle
  • Date night with Sir at least once a week
  • Be mindful of my rules and protocols
  • Continue attending the sub-only get togethers


  • Will travel with the dog shows- Evansville, Sharonville, Indianapolis
  • 2016 American Boxer Club National in May- Indianapolis
  • 2016 USA Box Show- WI in June or July
  • On one of Sirs weeks off would like to go to New Orleans


  • Continue to stay on track to getting out of debt
  • Save more money- $100 a month
  • Cut out unnecessary spending
  • Get Sunday paper for coupons
  • Make decisions together on big purchases

I am going to make in update on how I’m doing on all these goals in three months. Yep you guessed it I put it in my calendar to do so, LOL. I think it’s important for everyone to work on personal growth. Wither it be new years goals or resolutions or whatever you call them, we should NEVER be complacent with ourselves. We should always be growing and learning.

New Job?? Going back to School???

So, I may be getting a new job. I am applying for two positions at the Veterinary office where I take my dogs. They are looking for a receptionist and a Kennel tech. I don’t know, I guess we will see. Hopefully I get one of those positions and I won’t have to apply for disability. We will be financially ok if I get one of these jobs. So fingers crossed!

Since I’m trying to get this job, I figure why not go back to school and get my Veterinary Technician degree so I can move up in position at the animal clinic if I get the job. Or I could get certified as a dog obedience trainer. I guess everything is really contingent on me getting one of those positions at the animal clinic. I guess only time will tell. Again please keep fingers crossed.

Still waiting on my retirement from the police department to come through. Its taking forever for them to make a decision but they do have a lot of medical records to go through.

Sunday, Planner Day!

Today was pretty laid back. Sir left a list of chores for me to do, which I like. I felt good doing each chore and texting him when each chore was completed. I also organized my planner. Let me tell you, I love Erin Condren Planners if you love to be organized this is the planner for you. They are a little expensive but so well worth the money. If you are interested here’s a link where you can get $10 off your first planner https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/ellashaferriell0616. This is not a paid advertisement, I am simply boasting about the most perfect planner known to date. If you don’t believe me YouTube it. But any who, I spent the morning organizing and color coding my planner for September. Busy month I am going to have with BDSM events, Lupus Walks, and getting the new puppy I am going to be very busy. Don’t worry, I will definitely find time to blog. Hopefully about kinky stuff and not just my vanilla life.

So I have a new job…

So, a couple of days ago my dog breeder called me. She wants me to start keeping puppies for a month and leash training, teaching them to sit, stand, and down. I will start with her puppies and she will pay me to do so. She has two that she wants me to train. Then she will recommend me to the people that she gives puppies to. She said they always ask her to keep the puppy for a month to train it a little better. Her clientele are kind of on the wealthy side, I mean they are paying $1500-$2500 for a Boxer puppy. So I’m sure they don’t mind sending the pup to me for a month for training and paying me for it. I have to figure out a price to charge though. I am going to go up and visit my breeder this week and talk to her about it. So I will be doing something that I love doing, working with Boxer pups.

I talked a little more with my breeder and I am charging her $250 per puppy that she wants me to train. She wants me to train one puppy starting in October. Then she will start recommending me to her customers. Some of them want titles on their dogs which definitely would cost more per title. Like $100 more per title, plus show entry fees and my travel expenses. But any who, I was just so excited about this opportunity, I had to write about it. Ta ta for now!

The Past Few Weeks…

OK, I know that I have kind of neglected my blog a little bit. There really is no good reason except that I have been busy with life. And not in the D/s since. So I decided to try to explain what’s been going on the past few weeks. To be honest I really haven’t felt like my kinky-self. With good reason, we haven’t really played in a while.

Well my health has been an issue the past couple of weeks. I think I’ve been in the emergency room 3 times. I’ve had a lot of procedures done to rule things out. They turned out good! But I still have been feeling bad and Sir has seen that. He’s been extra caring with me. He’s such a good Sir. But I feel guilty that I can’t be the submissive he deserves sometimes. This damn disease makes me so pissed off sometimes. Sir has been so understanding. I got my monthly infusion on Friday, had a Vendor Show on Saturday, and a Launch Party on Saturday. Normally the day after my infusion I am dead dog tired and sometimes a little sick. So having this busy schedule was not a good thing. I had actually forgotten that my infusion was Friday, I thought it was earlier in the week and I would have time to recuperate. Friday night we were able to set up for the Vendor Event that was to last from 9-5p on Saturday. Sir was really helpful in helping me get my booth set up. So that took a little stress off of me, all I had to do was show up Saturday morning. The show went ok, I got only one sale but made a lot of contacts.

So after the fair I had the launch party at my house at 6:30PM so I had to take down my booth, load it in my car, and drive back all the way across town and set it all back up in my basement. Sir was only able to help set it up at home. He didn’t get off work until 5 and we were done at the show at 4:30p. But I had some nice Mary Kay reps help me take things to my car. Meanwhile, I start getting texts from my guest saying that they can’t make it, or something has come up. By the end of it there was only one guest and my sister-in-law that was coming. My friend that was coming had never seen Thirty-One so I decided to just do an educational thing to tell her about all the products we had. By the end of the presentation she was wanting to sign up to be a Consultant. I was thrilled. Definitely didn’t expect that. She wants to talk it over with her husband and I will be following up with her on Wednesday. So happy about her joining up.

But anyway, I was so tired after they left. I was tired and sore.

Sorry about this rambling post but I felt like I had to get it out.

Today, I am feeling much better. I rested all day Sunday. I don’t really have much to do today so I think that I am going to concentrate on getting back into my submissive mode. Hopefully soon will have some kink-related things to write about. I know I’m boring you all with this vanilla stuff. LOL.

A Shameless Thirty-One Promo..lol

Hello All, So this is a shameless plug of the Thirty-One Business. I am a Consultant and since I will no longer be working this is my source of working income now. So I am working hard on it. If you have never heard of Thirty-One then check out my site. There are a lot of cool things. You can actually place an order from my site as well if you see something you like. We sell stuff like monogram bags, purses, jewelry, and totes. Pretty nice stuff. Here’s the link to my site http://www.mythirtyone.com/ellashaferriell . Happy Shopping. And anyone who orders I will send a free gift to you. And thank you for your business!

Monthly Special- For every $35 spent you can also purchase any thermal for half price.


Large Utility Tote $42- Monogrammed with “Toy Bag” a place to keep your toys, and you can also purchase a top ($10) for it as well. And if you purchase that you can also get any thermal bag for 1/2 price (think school lunch boxes, monogrammed)

No New Boxer…Yet! :-(

So I went to my breeders house as planned when I saw Kristo the Boxer I was gonna take he was huge. I looked at his score in obedience on IPO1. It was a 72 out of 100. Not Good. So my breeder offered another dog, in a couple months she will be getting a male puppy from Germany. That will be the Boxer we take. He will probably be 12 weeks old when we get him and we will start training ASAP.

In the meantime I will be working with Mr.Presco to get his Novice (CD) title. He’s gotten one leg, all he needs is two more. There is a show in September. I think I can have him ready by then. Plus he has these two spots on his knees that I need to nurse and get looking better. Long story short, when I was working Presco was pretty much in his crate all day. Causing these marks on his legs. However my breeder told me what to use to get the hair to grow back and treat his skin. So I will be doing that along with having a training and exercise regiment to get more defined muscles. He’s got to gain a couple more pounds so we are feeding him a little extra. But its hard to do that when its raining…UGH! I don’t know how long its supposed to be but it needs to hurry up, I got training to do. I may also try to get his Rally Advanced (RA) title as well.

On another note, surgery wound is healing up nicely. I’m not taking pain meds anymore. Which is good. So Happy Friday to everyone!!!!!


So, I’m doing my first Wicked Wednesday prompt. The topic this week is disability….something I know all too well. Seeing as I am taking a disability retirement from my job.

So where do I begin….I probably should have retired medically sooner. I was afraid of being labeled disabled at such a young age. I didn’t want to face up to it so I kept on going, pushing through. Going to work when I wasn’t feeling good, when I knew I should be in bed resting. When I knew I couldn’t protect and serve. Just hoping that nothing serious would happen on the job. Nobody knows about that struggle except for Sir. So no one saw when I was throwing up behind my car…or in so much pain I was in tears. Nope, nobody saw that. I ALWAYS put the job first. I had wanted this career since I was 16 years old. I was going to fight my hardest to stay. So realizing that I could not physically do my job anymore hurts. I am still dealing with the reality of the situation. And I’m glad I have my therapist to guide me through it.

When I did call in and was on sick leave no one believed I was sick because they couldn’t see it. Lupus is called an invisible illness because you can’t physically see the marks it leaves. My Lupus attacks my Lungs, Joints, Blood, Digestive System, and now my Liver. You can’t see the damage its doing. So its hard for people to believe. Especially when there isn’t much talk about Lupus. When you hear someone has Cancer everyone feels sorry for them and they know its a serious disease because there is so much awareness about it. Lupus awareness doesn’t hold a candle to Cancer awareness and yet I feel it is as serious as Cancer. People die everyday from Lupus complications.

So here we are filing for medical disability retirement. I have to get all my medical records which consists of 9 specialist and over a span of 4 years. So that’s a lot of records to get together. Currently I am waiting on two doctors offices to get in touch with me to tell me that my medical records are ready. My Psychiatrist and my Gastroenterology Offices haven’t contacted me yet. But it hasn’t been a full two weeks yet either. I have all my other records ready to be sent to retirement board.

So lately disability has been a term used A LOT for me. I am no longer afraid of being labeled disabled. I am happy I got to do my job for the time I did. Its just something beyond my control. It’s not like I purposefully did something to get Lupus and become disabled. So I look forward to the new chapter of my life with Sir.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 31st Birthday! Yay! We are enjoying our vacation in Savannah. Sir got me an Oreo ice cream cake.

The only thing is with my Lupus I can’t really go out in the peak of the day. It’s so hot and draining. Made that mistake yesterday and almost had a heat stroke and when we finally got back to the condo I was completely drained. Sometimes I hate Lupus….ok, all the time I hate Lupus.

So the beach is out, Sir doesn’t want me to pass out from the heat…boo! But we are going on a ghost tour tonight, so I am excited about that.