Sex on Vacation!!

Well since the sun and activities were draining we didn’t have a lot of sex. But the sex we did have was amazing. We had great shower sex. The shower in our condo was huge! I loved Sir taking charge and just taking me. It felt great.

We also tried Anal for the first time. We definitely used a lot of lube and Sir went slow. It was an amazing feeling. Sir kept asked if I was ok. I was doing great. It was a great sensation and he was able to go all the way in on the first time. It was great. Sir said he liked it a lot, so I’m sure we will do it more often.

So sorry this post is very short but there really wasn’t much to write about. Wish we had the energy and time to play with the toys I brought but we didn’t.

Vacation Recap!

Whew! Its definitely been a while since I wrote. I apologize I have been completely busy. But I am back now.

So our vacation to Savannah was great after I got used to the heat. The first day was probably the worst because I didn’t know about the heat. We got there around 3pm, which is the high heat of the day. We were hungry so we decided to go to a place called Sweet Melissa’s. I was in charge of navigation. Everywhere we went was on foot, our condo was that close to everything. So I got the directions to the restaurant and off we went. It was only 4 minutes away. So we began walking in the direction, (I thought), we were supposed to go. I looked at my phone and it now said 6 minutes away. So I said to Sir “Oh we aren’t walking fast enough speed up”, a while later I looked at my phone it said we were 7 minutes away. I was confused. Sir put the address in his phone and then he looked and said, “We are going the wrong way, this blue arrow is you and where you are going, this other arrow shows you where you need to go,” I was so embarrassed! We were about 4 blocks away from the condo when we realized we were going the wrong way. Sir just laughed and made fun of me the whole trip. But I am no longer allowed to do the navigation when we are on foot. LOL! Thought I would share that blonde moment I had with you guys!

So we made it to Sweet Melissa’s then saw across the street was Paula Deen’s restuaraunt. So we decided to go ahead and eat there. It was great food. Buffet was amazing. Fried chick tasted just like my Grandmas. So after that we came back to the Condo and unpacked. I was so exhausted. It was like the sun just drained me. Sir made the decision that we weren’t going to go to Tybee Island to the beach because he didn’t think I could handle it and he didn’t want me to pass out. Damn my Lupus. I’ve never been this sensitive to the sun before. Even with sunscreen on, it was draining. So after we unpacked I decided to take a nap. Sir also made the decision that we wouldn’t go out until the evening when it was cool to avoid me getting too drained from the sun.

I won’t give you a play by play on exactly what we did but I will just recap. We took a dinner boat cruise on the river which was nice. We went to a bar called Wet Willies where they serve slushy alcoholic drinks. MMMMNNN they were so good. I had a mix of Banana and Sex on the Beach. I forgot what Sir had. But it was good. We did a paranormal walking ghost tour which was fun, but the scariest part was probably when a giant cockroach (yes it was the size of my hand) started chasing me in the square. I zig-zagged and tried to dodge it, but it was intent on following me. I tried stomping on it. it had no fear and its long antennas were moving. Finally it decided to go off into the grass. LOL! We did get an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) at one location it said “Go”, and so we went lol, obviously something didn’t want us there. We also went to the First African Baptist Church, it was cool because not only was a church it was part of the underground railroad. Our guide was amazing. She was energetic in tell the story of the church. Then we did A LOT of bar hopping and drinking our last night there. We were definitely a little drunk, Sir had a number of LIT’s and I had fruity drinks. But they definitely pour the alcohol in them. But luckily we made it back to our condo. I went to a psychic, I’ve been wanting to do that for years now. She was half-right about things. She was dead on about my past. My future, not so much I guess. She agreed that retiring from police work was the best option then she said I probably need to stay in that field for work. She doesn’t believe that I would be happy as a stay-at-home wife. I think that is wrong. I know I will be happy.

Overall, Savannah was great. I would definitely recommend visiting there. There is plenty to do and see. So much history. Like we learned that the city of Savannah is built on top of graves. Yes that’s right, graves. They said that when people are doing renovations to houses they almost always find the remains of bodies. Pretty cool. And we saw the Mercer house which is where the real story of the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, it was a true story.

So that’s my recap on the Vacation…I will write another entry titled “Sex on Vacation”.