SCC Prompt #168

What does your ordinary day look like if you are in a 24/7 D/s relationship?

Well Sir gets up at 2am to go to the gym and then to work. So I am up giving him his “morning send off”. I ask him if he needs anything else from me and normally he says no and I get to go back to sleep.

Well I normally wake up around 7. Take my medication. I feed the dogs (currently 5), put them back in their crates for an hour so that their stomachs settle. I put dishes in the dishwasher, straighten up the kitchen, and sit and have my coffee and catch up on reading my blogs. If I have a blog to write then I start writing on it, sometimes I get finished and sometimes I have to save it for later. After my one hour is up, its training time. So for 15 minutes each I do some type of training with each dog.

By then its 10 o’clock and its time for me to text Sir and see how his day is going. He always asks me how I feel. Here lately it hasn’t been to good. But today I’m feeling pretty good. We text back and forth while Sir is on his lunch break. Then its time for me to run errands, bank runs, grocery store etc. When I get back then its time to pay attention to some of the laundry. After I get that going its time for lunch for the puppies. Then it’s time for me to clean one room in the house.

I normally pick one room a day to clean and work on it throughout the day.

When it’s time for Sir to come home he calls me on the phone to let me know hes on his way. Now on a perfect day I am waiting for him by the door. Most days I’m fiddling around in the kitchen trying to get dinner ready. Unless he says he wants to eat out that day.

After dinner we usually watch television until about 8 and then its time to go to bed. Sometimes Sir wants to play and we do of course but sometimes hes so tired from work that he just wants to go to bed.

This is all subject to change. So the above is written from a perfect day but as everyone knows our days aren’t perfect. A lot of times some stuff gets in the way of plans and you just have to go with the flow of things.

Do You think your D/s relationship looks vanilla in the public eye?

To some degree yes. I’ve had people look at my collar. And at restaurants the waitress is always a little weirded out when Sir orders for me. But other than that I think we look vanilla in public.

What type of rules or protocols do you have to reinforce your dynamic at the end of the day?

We really don’t have any end of the day protocols. We had thought about me asking permission to sleep in the bed. But we haven’t started doing that yet. I’m sure we will come up with some other things to reinforce our dynamic.


Submissive Coffee Club Prompt #145

  1. Does your Dominant have rules in place to sequester your negative thoughts when you are overwhelmed by emotion?

Yes, I am a very emotional person. So when I get overwhelmed its the perfect time to talk Sir. He helps me calm down and we try to figure out the problem. I am not supposed to think negative thoughts about myself. It is one of my rules.

2. What Can you do to get yourself past emotional times?

I normally try to write wither its in my journal or on this blog. Writing seems to help me get my emotions in check. I also rely on the fact that Sir will help me through with his calming demeanor. I try to analyze the reason why I am so emotional and think if there is anything that I can do about it. If its something that is out of my control (most times it is) then I try let it go in my mind because I can’t change it. If it’s something that I can change then I start a plan on how to change it. I guess I just try to be constructive with the emotions that I am feeling.

3. Do you know what triggers your most emotional lows?

Well here lately, it’s kind of a lot of things. Medical retirement is a major reason I get emotional. Its hard giving up your career that you have prepared yourself for since you were 16. Especially when it isn’t your choice. My heart is in policing trust me it is. But my body just won’t let me do it anymore. I have accepted that. However it doesn’t make me feel happy about retiring. I haven’t really had a big emotional breakdown about it but I’m sure that will come when I have to turn in my gear. I hope they don’t through me a party, because I will be emotional then too. I don’t know. I hate that I have to give up my career but I am grateful that I got to do it for the past 6 years. But this whole retirement process has me on an emotional roller coaster.

Another thing that triggers emotional lows in my disease. When I can’t do things like play, or even go to events because of my illness. It sucks and I feel useless. I want to do things but sometimes my body is just so worn out it really needs rest. I get upset that I can’t do things when my diseases flare up. I get frustrated and Sir has to help me calm down. He assures me that this is something that I can’t help and people will understand that I have to cancel plans because I’m not feeling well.

Another trigger for me is the anniversary of my parent’s death and their birthdays. I’m always sad and thinking about them. Sir tries to keep me in good spirits on those days but its very hard. I think about all that they have missed that’s gone on in my life. I would love to have had them at my wedding and I would love to have a mom that I can go to for advice and talk to. I miss them so much. Speaking of that yesterday was my father’s death anniversary 12 years ago he passed away from lung cancer. I was a daddy’s girl so it was really hard adjusting to not having him around. Oh how I wish he could’ve met Sir. He would have loved him and been his friend.

Submissive Coffee Club Prompt #140

How would you feel about your friends, family, and co-worker found out about you submissive side?

Well most of my friends know about my submissive side and the family that matters knows that I am a submissive. They don’t have any problems with it once I explained what it was exactly. My grandmother had the hardest time understanding. Her thoughts like most people ran to that Sir beat me with a stick. At first I was a little nervous to tell them about my submissive side, but they have all been nothing but supportive in it.

Do you think that being a submissive has made your life more complicated?

I don’t think its made it more complicated, its actually given it more meaning. By worrying about someone else and making sure his life is as easy as possible. And making sure He is proud of me. My goal everyday is to make him happy and comfortable. I want to be a submissive he’d be proud to take out in public to Munches or Play Parties.

If you had a magic wand, would you wish to be vanilla?

Nope. I would never want to go back to being vanilla. I love my kinky self! I love my kinky Sir and the way our relationship is now. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Submissive Coffee Club Prompt #126

This prompt was very interesting so I decided to answer the questions. It’s from the Submissive Coffee Club.


1. If you could only have one element of the lifestyle what would you choose—-the sexual or non sexual?

Well this really is a hard question because I love them both equally but if I HAD to choose, I would choose the non sexual. Yes, sex is great however being able to serve my Sir and making his life easier is far more important than the sexual element.

2. What are your favorite non sexual parts of D/s?

One of my favorite non sexual parts of D/s is giving complete control to Sir. He orders my food at restaurants. I can’t take a bite of food until he has taken his first bite. I think I love the protocols in our D/s relationship.

3. Are you able to clearly differentiate between the two parts, or does one flow into the other?

I think they flow into each other because we are doing D/s 24/7 I believe that they do mix together.

Submissive Coffee Club Prompt#118

So looking through other Blogs I found this website called Submissive Coffee Club ( They have cool prompts for blogs, questions that you can answer. So here’s my first writing prompt.


What are your support mechanisms other than your Dominant?

Well I have my 3 of my best friends who know about us changing our lifestyle and are supportive of it. I also read the blogs everyday and the submissives/slaves that I read are great and I feel like I could go to some of them for advice if I have questions. I also find that writing my blog helps me too because the people that follow me give me advice, they have been doing this longer than me so I welcome their advice.

Does it bother you to admit to weakness?

Yes it does. I hate the question in interviews “Tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses…” so I was told instead of telling your weaknesses, tell a strength and make it look like a weakness. For instance, I have OCD, everything has to be perfect. See that might sound like a weakness but its also tells the interviewer that you are organized. So in the end it does bother me to admit weakness. I come from a long line of strong women, who never admit weakness.

Do you think Dominants need someone to turn to in difficult times, other than their submissives?

I do. I am speaking this from our current situation. We are both new to this and I think it would help tremendously for new Dominants to have a mentor or someone they can go to and ask questions. Same is to be said for new submissives as well.