Kink of The Week: Anonymous Sex!

So…when I first saw this topic, I was at a loss. I’ve never had anonymous sex and I didn’t really know how I felt about it let alone what to write about it. But after careful thought about it I can now at least write my opinion on it.

I personally could never do anonymous sex. I have a emotional connection that goes with sex. When I was single that why is was hard for me to have casual sex, I always got emotionally attached. Plus to me, If I don’t know you, I’m definitely not sleeping with you. I mean with all the diseases that are going around nowadays (I’m just paranoid), even if you do wear a condom. Nope…just not for me.

Maybe I could write a story about anonymous sex but I would feel like I’d be guessing because I’ve never experienced it.

I hope this post doesn’t sound harsh, but anonymous sex just doesn’t sound smart to me. But to each his own and if you’ve done it then that’s great for you. I don’t judge, I just voice my opinion on things and its just that my opinion.

Kink of the Week

Morning Send Off…


Ok, I will admit it…in the past I have not been one to volunteer to suck Sir’s cock. I don’t know for some reason I am very self-conscious about it. I don’t think I do a good job. However this morning when Sir woke up, he told me to suck his cock (not ask, but told), and that right there made me want to suck his cock so bad.

So I went to work and listening to the sounds he made. The pleasure I was giving him, I wanted to please him more. So I went harder and faster. I felt like “Xena: Sex Goddess” or something. He then did something hes never done before, he put his hands on my head and pushed me down on his cock, taking it all in. It wasn’t too long until he exploded in my mouth and for some reason I don’t know how or why but his cum tasted so good. It was sweet. And I loved the way it felt going down my throat. I was so proud of myself. Sir was proud too. He whispered “Good Girl” to me and assured me I did good. For the first time I felt like I was good at sucking cock. I wanted to do it again but knew we were cut for time.

So now that I know that I can please him this way, I can kick my fears of thinking I don’t do a good job to the curb and just go for it. I had to write about it now, as I couldn’t go back to sleep I was so excited and proud of myself. (and yes Sir gets up at 4:30am for work, lol)



So this is my first Kink Of The Week. This weeks kink is Suits. I personally love a man in a suit. However my Sir doesn’t wear them often but when he does its all I can do to keep my hands off of him. I just think they are sexy and very classy.  And this has nothing to do with 50 Shades of Grey or Christian Grey wearing a damn suit. I thought they were sexy waaaaay before him. I don’t really know what else to say about suits. So I guess that’s it for my two cents on the Kink Of The Week.