Another Great Morning Send Off…

I couldn’t sleep last night. For some reason so, I sat up in bed and read blogs and did more submissive and dominant research. Before I knew it, Sir’s alarm clock was going off. He woke up to reset it. He asked how long I had been up and I told him the whole night. We started talking about our D/s relationship and what each other expect and want from it. Then we decided to wait and talk about it when he comes home from work today.

Sir started talking about how hard his cock was and how I should taste it. So with a great big smile on my face I started to suck him. I took this opportunity to reacquaint myself with his cock, the girth, the length, the head. When he started talking to me it made me want to please him more. So I went faster. He then demanded that I suck on his balls and I did, the more I heard him moan and tell me “good girl”, the harder I sucked. I made my way back up to his cock and began vigorously sucking until he came. By the end of it I was so wet, I wanted him to take me right then and there and fuck me hard. So again I was very proud that he was proud of me. He said now no matter what happened at his day at work its going to be a good day, which made me feel good. I’m thinking I should probably make a habit and do this every morning. He wakes up before me when I’m working so it wouldn’t be anything to wake up and give him a great send off…I think I’ve gone into it more confident in my ability to please him.

I promise I won’t write everyday about my awesome send offs. But just wanted to share my first couple and the thoughts I was having. Like I’ve said in earlier posts our sex life is going great with the D/s stuff but its the outside the bedroom that I am waiting to blossom. I know I must be patient.