Coming Home!!

Yay! I’m going home tomorrow and I am so excited. I’ve been in the hospital for two weeks. While I would like to thank the wonderful doctors, nurses, and aides that took care of me, I’d definitely rather be home. I miss my puppies and I’m anxious to start over with Sir. I have so much to do when I get home but Saturday is reserved to spending time with the puppies and resting. Out of all the hospitalizations I’ve had in the past because of my Lupus this one I missed my dogs so much more. Maybe because the rehab facility had a therapy dog that I saw everyday. But I can’t wait to have them jumping all over me and giving me their sloppy boxer kisses.

Sunday I definitely have to get my hair done, its looks a hot mess. Sir says the house looks the same as I left it, which means it will need cleaning. I also need to take Mr. Presco to rally run thrus if we are going to show in January. Which I plan to the first and second full weekends. The first weekend I will be travelling with Mr.Capone so he can finish his Beginner Novice title. The second weekend I will be showing Mr. Presco in Rally Advanced. No travelling though. Also the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead is happening Sunday night too. So I will have a pretty busy Sunday.

I also have picked up a second job at a pet food store. I get a free 15lb bag of dog food a month and 15% discount on dog food, 30% discount on everything else in the store,which is awesome and will help out with us financially. I only work two or three nights a week. I don’t have to go back to that job until Wednesday night.

I still need to do a lot of things though, main thing is finish Christmas shopping. I also need to plan for 2017, dog shows, vacations, BDSM events. I’ve still been active in our local BDSM community. I have really made some great friends through that. Our community is so awesome. I still attend play parties, and monthly sub lunches. I still advocate that everyone try to become involved with their local community.  I have a sub mom now, lol thats what I call her. She has been in the lifestyle with her Master/Husband for 15 years and she is mentoring me. Her Master isn’t mentoring Sir because he has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease but he said he will be around for any questions that Sir might have for him. I think having them will help us find our dynamic again. We implemented our first rule, I have to text him t 740 am every morning with a good morning text. We are starting out simple and slow. We will talk more about rules and new expectations when I get home. I have a feeling it probably won’t happen until after the holidays because we will be so busy. Sirs father is also in the hospital but he’s expected to be released the 22nd so he will be home for Christmas.

Lots and Lots to do!!! Happy Friday, have a great weekend!!

Trying to explain your Collar to you 85 year old Grandmother….

So, I went to lunch with my grandmother today and of course I had my collar on. Now my grandma is the one person in the world that I can’t lie to. So I told her over the phone a couple of days ago that I got my collar. Her reaction: “Oh my God, you’re wearing a dog collar,”…I told her it wasn’t a dog collar. But she insisted it was a dog collar possibly with spikes. LOL. So I haven’t mentioned my collar and I picked her up for lunch this afternoon.

I didn’t say anything about my collar. She started the conversation “Your collar is really nice, its like a necklace” I was surprised she saw it that way. She was very nice and even excited about the collar. Then we had the BDSM talk. I had to explain that Sir does not beat me with a stick (sort of, lol). I had to explain that BDSM is part of our D/s relationship but its not the only thing about our relationship. Its about respect and letting him lead and making sure he is at ease when he comes home from a hard days work. She seemed relieved. She said she saw on “Criminal Minds” that a guy was part of a BDSM club and had rough sex and got killed. She thought that at some point Sir would kill accidentally. I told her we are Safe, Sane and consensual (SSC). I told her that I trust Sir and that he’s not going to kill me. So she seemed a little bit more relieved. As far as the collar goes I just told her it’s like a wedding ring. It symbolizes his ownership of me.

Then I had to make a stop to our local Adam and Eve store to pick up a present I had gotten for Sir. I got the  We Vibe 4 Plus vibrator. I can’t wait to use it when I’m gone on a trip this weekend. Sir can control it from anywhere because its blue tooth.


Pretty cool looking huh? It has a G-Spot vibrator and a clitoral vibrator so it will interesting trying this. It comes with an app that Sir can use to control the vibrator. I will wear it all weekend at the conference and anytime Sir feels the need to press the button, I will get a pleasant surprise. Ha! I can’t wait. Oh by the way Granny stayed in the care while I ran in an purchased it. LOL.

Now I really must get off here because I have yet to finish packing and I’m leaving at 4am for Columbus. You Probably won’t hear from me for a couple of days but I will bore you with the details of the conference and every time I get my “Surprise” LOL. Until next time stay kinky my friends!