Wrist Collar

Woot woot. My Wrist collar came in and I love it. It matches my collar. Sir put it on me last night. Thank you to Victoria at http://www.tobehis.com. She is amazing and they have great customer service.

Gonna be a busy day today. Gotta run my two doggie boarders out of town so they can get some shots and ears retaped. Then my focus will be on getting the house clean. Kind of hard to do with 5 dogs in the picture. But I am going to try my hardest.

Without a collar…

So Sir had to take off my collar a couple of days ago for a medical procedure. He hasn’t put it back on and I went to the mall today. I feel really strange not having my collar on. Its become a part of me. A symbol. It represents something and to not have it on feels like I’m not complete. Not that I am saying I feel any less of a submissive, but I obviously can feel its absence.

To me my collar represents something. And when I am nervous or unsure of things I grab it and it’s like Sir is with me telling me to calm down or that everything will be ok. Don’t know why I put so much into my collar but I do. Its kind of become my wedding ring. Seeing as sometimes I can’t wear them because my hands swell. I can always wear my collar (except during medical procedures).  So no soon Sir comes home from work I am going to ask him to put my collar back on.



Woot Woot New collar (and it fits lol)

2015-10-31 17.49.32 (2) 2015-10-31 17.49.32

Here it is! My new collar…that actually fits this time. I LOVE it! Thank you so much to ToBeHis.com for their marvelous work and patience with me. I would suggest them to everyone! Awesome customer service! They are great. Victoria also does custom work so check her out.

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. I will always remember this day as the Halloween I got my new day collar. Woot Woot!

BTW, Happy Halloween Everyone!!!! Be safe and eat LOTS of candy!!!

Free Ankle Collar? & Free Wrist Collar? What???????

My last post I was a little bit upset at myself for sizing the collar wrong. Well when I ordered the second collar the collar maker Victoria emailed me and said for the trouble she would like to make me a ankle collar for free. I was so shocked. It was amazingly nice of her. And if that wasn’t awesome enough she offered for me to send back the collar that was too small and she would make it into a wrist collar for me free of charge. Talk about great customer service. That was amazing, I will recommend them to EVERYONE. http://www.tobehis.com . A very amazing company with great customer service. I am still overwhelmed by the kindness that Victoria showed me!

Allergic reaction?????

So I meant to put this in my last post but I will make it a post on itself. A few weeks ago, I started to get a rash on my chest where my collar lock was. Well after researching I found out that it was Nickel. I am allergic to nickel. So we needed to get a new lock. I searched and found a great site http://www.tobehis.com ! They have hypoallergenic locks and they also have collars that are really nice. Well Sir likes the idea of me having different colored locks to match my outfits. So we are going to get different colored hypoallergenic locks. He also like a black steel collar and decided to get that one for me too. So I have a new collar on the way and a new lock. He engraved the new lock with “I am His”. I will post pictures when it gets here. We got an email that said it shipped yesterday and its supposed to be 3-5 day shipping so hopefully it will be here this week.

I will wear my Ring of Steel collar for important events, and play parties but will wear my black collar daily with whatever color lock matches what I am wearing. I am so excited. I can’t wait to get them all.

Going without my Collar…

Ok, so the past couple of weeks I’ve had some medical procedures done and have been in the ER. So Sir took my collar off. I honestly did not feel like I was a submissive without. I was so used to its weight as a reminder of my submission. I think I even had a little anxiety about not having it on.

Finally this morning Sir put it back on and now I feel like a submissive again. I feel like I need to make up for the weeks I didn’t feel totally submissive to Sir. He was more than understanding that I was going through some medical issues. I have the best Sir, he takes care of me so much when I am not feeling well and is always supporting me especially in my Thirty-One Business. I love him so much.

Yeah I just felt like saying that it was very strange not having my collar on. I felt naked and not in a good way. LOL

Trying to explain your Collar to you 85 year old Grandmother….

So, I went to lunch with my grandmother today and of course I had my collar on. Now my grandma is the one person in the world that I can’t lie to. So I told her over the phone a couple of days ago that I got my collar. Her reaction: “Oh my God, you’re wearing a dog collar,”…I told her it wasn’t a dog collar. But she insisted it was a dog collar possibly with spikes. LOL. So I haven’t mentioned my collar and I picked her up for lunch this afternoon.

I didn’t say anything about my collar. She started the conversation “Your collar is really nice, its like a necklace” I was surprised she saw it that way. She was very nice and even excited about the collar. Then we had the BDSM talk. I had to explain that Sir does not beat me with a stick (sort of, lol). I had to explain that BDSM is part of our D/s relationship but its not the only thing about our relationship. Its about respect and letting him lead and making sure he is at ease when he comes home from a hard days work. She seemed relieved. She said she saw on “Criminal Minds” that a guy was part of a BDSM club and had rough sex and got killed. She thought that at some point Sir would kill accidentally. I told her we are Safe, Sane and consensual (SSC). I told her that I trust Sir and that he’s not going to kill me. So she seemed a little bit more relieved. As far as the collar goes I just told her it’s like a wedding ring. It symbolizes his ownership of me.

Then I had to make a stop to our local Adam and Eve store to pick up a present I had gotten for Sir. I got the  We Vibe 4 Plus vibrator. I can’t wait to use it when I’m gone on a trip this weekend. Sir can control it from anywhere because its blue tooth.


Pretty cool looking huh? It has a G-Spot vibrator and a clitoral vibrator so it will interesting trying this. It comes with an app that Sir can use to control the vibrator. I will wear it all weekend at the conference and anytime Sir feels the need to press the button, I will get a pleasant surprise. Ha! I can’t wait. Oh by the way Granny stayed in the care while I ran in an purchased it. LOL.

Now I really must get off here because I have yet to finish packing and I’m leaving at 4am for Columbus. You Probably won’t hear from me for a couple of days but I will bore you with the details of the conference and every time I get my “Surprise” LOL. Until next time stay kinky my friends!

Ok…its time to Kneel…

I know I said the next post would be about the Play Party went to Saturday night, but I had another topic that I wanted to discuss. Kneeling. Pretty important right?

Ok, so the past 3 weeks I have either been in the Emergency Room or extremely sick with my Lupus. My body has really been against me. Sir has been super patient and nice taking care of me. He’s suspended pretty much all protocols until I get better. Obviously the ones that aren’t physical like calling him Sir or text messing him when I wake up in the morning were still in play. I had planned on Kneeling for Sir and officially giving him my submission, 3 weeks ago. But because of being sick I haven’t been able to do it. So finally I am healthy enough to do it officially. I am going to do it today when he comes home for work. We’ve already talked about it. I know what I am supposed to wear and will be ready when he gets home.

Kneeling is a big deal. At least to me it is being a submissive. It signifies that I am giving total control of my life to him. That I trust him to make the right decisions for me. As a Dominant this is a big responsibility. I am currently doing a kneeling exercise, where I kneel for 10 minutes a day, just to think and concentrate on my submission to Sir and think how I can improve my submission to him.

Me and Sir talked last tonight and he thinks I am ready for a collar. We looked at some collars and we have agreed on a collar of protection- one that I will wear to BDSM functions such as Munches, Play Parties, Sloshes, etc. So no other Dom’s approach me thinking I am an available submissive. We also agreed on a traditional collar that will be worn inside the house and is discreet enough to be worn outside the house as well. We will purchase the collars on Thursday. So I guess this week and next week we have some pretty big events happening in our D/s life.