Crazy Busy Week…with no play :-(

Well, this is probably going to be the only time this week I will be able to blog. I’m taking a last minute trip to Wisconsin. Our newest puppy Capone will be shown in an international show on Saturday and I am going along for the ride. We are leaving Thursday night after his training class. I will meet my breeder at her house in Walton, KY and then we will travel with two cars and I think four or five dogs to Wisconsin. I will be gone three days Thursday-Sunday. Also away from Sir, which I hate but these things have to be done.

In between now and Thursday, I will be training the puppy, doing my regular duties with all three dogs, making sure that my female that was just bred has her vitamins. Make sure that I have enough of my medications to last the whole trip while I’m gone. So I don’t have to get refills while on the road. I also have to leave step by step instructions for Sir on how to take care of the two adults while me and the puppy are gone. I have to pack, and take care of some bills early in the week. I have some last minute doctor’s appointments for myself and some Veterinarian appointments for Capone on Thursday. I have to also get my hair done on Thursday, make sure I’m all packed up, and take Capone to his class at 7:30PM. It takes me an hour to my breeders house. We plan on leaving by 10:00PM. I don’t like driving at night but its best because of all the traffic. We have a total of four drivers so no one has to drive for a long time. It will take us about 9 hours to get to La Crosse.

Wednesday we are going to our local community’s Humpday Coffee and Pie, in the evening, which is always fun. I am going to miss the monthly Slosh and our Skills Workshop and Play party :-(. But luckily there are two more play parties this month and one is on Halloween. I still haven’t decided on a costume, ugh! With everything that happened last week and dealing with all the funeral stuff, I’m still exhausted from all of that. I hate missing events in our community. I think it is very important to be involved in your local kink community.

So with all that explained I probably won’t be hopping on here to write until Sunday when I get back. Don’t worry I will fill you in on every detail of the show and hopefully Mr. Capone will win. So keep your fingers crossed or say a little prayer if thats your thing for Mr. Capone to win. He has a great shot at it.

Busy Week…

I’ve had the busiest week. This is the first time that I have had time to sit down and write. Well I’ve requested all my medical records for my medical retirement, just waiting on the offices to call me to tell me to pick them up.

We are getting ready for our Savannah vacation next week. We are excited to get away together. But making sure the house is ready for us to be gone for a week has been a little draining. Plus I got my infusion on Monday, so the last few days I’ve been dragging. Then yesterday I got a shot in my hip so that’s been sore. Sir has been taking it very easy on me. Making sure I rest and not over do it.

Today, I have to meet a friend for lunch, work on writings, work on cleaning my office and basement, and clean the kitchen floors. Yes this is a list that I have made for myself and it may be a little too much. But we will see how much I get accomplished.