“My Dog is better than your dog”….

Not really. I’m not snobbish like that but there are some people out there like that. I ran into them at this weekends American Boxer Specialty. So I will give you a play by play, with pictures….

So Friday I worked 6-2 so I could get on the road. I got home got me and Capone packed for the weekend and headed to our destination. We got there and in our room about 8:30pm. Our roommates Christina and Killian got there around 9:00pm. Me and Christina went to the hotel restaurant for dinner leaving Mr. Capone and Mr. K to catch up with each other since their last visit in February.

Saturday, we started bright and early because Obedience started at 9am. Capone was entered in Beginner Novice, which didn’t show until around 10 but I wanted to get there and watch my friends compete. It was very nice. We did not qualify in Beginner Novice because during the Sit Stay and walk around the ring Capone thought I was walking out of the ring and ran to follow me. But here are some pics from that day:

ABC Nationals7ABC Nationals11ABC Nationals16ABC Nationals23

And here are some pics from Rally Novice (in the afternoon)…It got a little chilly so I put on a jacket and if you haven’t noticed it yet, look at what I’m wearing around my neck (above, you can’t see it with the jacket on)…..We qualified in Rally Novice for our 2nd leg (you need 3 legs in order to get your title)

ABC Nationals17ABC Nationals4ABC Nationals21

Capone did really nicely in Rally. But on Sunday he really did nice. He qualified in Beginner Novice…here are some pics of that..

ABC Nationals19ABC Nationals18ABC Nationals15ABC Nationals13ABC Nationals12ABC Nationals10ABC Nationals9ABC Nationals8ABC Nationals14ABC Nationals2ABC Nationals3

And Rally Novice..We qualified and Titled.. Capone is now Int. CH Ciceron Kamenicki RN..

ABC Nationals22ABC Nationals8ABC Nationals6ABC Nationals1

All in all it was a fun weekend. Did run into one problem but we got her straightened out. I know a lot of people don’t there don’t like the fact that I have a European dog but hey my dog is awesome and I don’t care. Don’t be coming up to me talking about how bad my dog is because he’s European…fact check: the Boxer was originally bred in Europe dumbass! Ok I’m a end my rant there. But I did see a lot of old friends and made some new ones. I was very much impressed with Capone’s performance for him being only 11 Months old and not having any training the whole month of April he did a good job. Wish I got to stay the entire week instead of just the weekend. Oh well, it’s Monday and back to real life of work..ugh!!! Happy Monday!


New Blog!

So I decided that I need to separate my Boxer-business from my D/s blog. So I made a new blog site http://www.hausofboxers.com. So if you like Boxers and wanna hear about me and Sirs adventures in this babysitting/training business, please feel free to go to the site and follow it. I am still setting it up and I just made the first post so be patient for information!

Welcoming a New Member to the Family!!!

Whew!! The past few days have been crazy with the newest member of our family. Here he is introducing Mr. Capone.

Capone Capone2 Capone3 Capone4

It’s been crazy the past few days. Its been a long time since we’ve had a puppy in the house. He is four months old and keeping us on our toes. So we’ve been running back and forth running to Petsmart, our vet, Feeders Supply and meeting the family. Whew! We got him Thursday and today is the first day that we haven’t done anything but hang out. Although later we gotta go to Petsmart.

This guy is a little different. He’s a great puppy so far. But I have a lot of pressure to get him trained and titled. He’s from Croatia and has an amazing pedigree. He starts his classes October 1st. So for now I am letting him get used to the schedule that I have for him and the other two dogs.

And just as we got him, my female dog came into season. She will be bred this season. This will be her first litter. I’m anxious to see what kind of mother she will be. Well anyway just wanted to explain why I haven’t been writing the past few days.

So I have a new job…

So, a couple of days ago my dog breeder called me. She wants me to start keeping puppies for a month and leash training, teaching them to sit, stand, and down. I will start with her puppies and she will pay me to do so. She has two that she wants me to train. Then she will recommend me to the people that she gives puppies to. She said they always ask her to keep the puppy for a month to train it a little better. Her clientele are kind of on the wealthy side, I mean they are paying $1500-$2500 for a Boxer puppy. So I’m sure they don’t mind sending the pup to me for a month for training and paying me for it. I have to figure out a price to charge though. I am going to go up and visit my breeder this week and talk to her about it. So I will be doing something that I love doing, working with Boxer pups.

I talked a little more with my breeder and I am charging her $250 per puppy that she wants me to train. She wants me to train one puppy starting in October. Then she will start recommending me to her customers. Some of them want titles on their dogs which definitely would cost more per title. Like $100 more per title, plus show entry fees and my travel expenses. But any who, I was just so excited about this opportunity, I had to write about it. Ta ta for now!

No New Boxer…Yet! :-(

So I went to my breeders house as planned when I saw Kristo the Boxer I was gonna take he was huge. I looked at his score in obedience on IPO1. It was a 72 out of 100. Not Good. So my breeder offered another dog, in a couple months she will be getting a male puppy from Germany. That will be the Boxer we take. He will probably be 12 weeks old when we get him and we will start training ASAP.

In the meantime I will be working with Mr.Presco to get his Novice (CD) title. He’s gotten one leg, all he needs is two more. There is a show in September. I think I can have him ready by then. Plus he has these two spots on his knees that I need to nurse and get looking better. Long story short, when I was working Presco was pretty much in his crate all day. Causing these marks on his legs. However my breeder told me what to use to get the hair to grow back and treat his skin. So I will be doing that along with having a training and exercise regiment to get more defined muscles. He’s got to gain a couple more pounds so we are feeding him a little extra. But its hard to do that when its raining…UGH! I don’t know how long its supposed to be but it needs to hurry up, I got training to do. I may also try to get his Rally Advanced (RA) title as well.

On another note, surgery wound is healing up nicely. I’m not taking pain meds anymore. Which is good. So Happy Friday to everyone!!!!!