2016 Goal List Do-Over…


Ok, so after talking to some people (real life people) I realized I may have done my goals list a little immaturely. I should have categories in these goals and more than only 5. So I am redoing my goal list and I also realized that it’s kind of important to share this with Sir and have a dialogue about it. So I have done that and here is the finished product….I’ve broken them down into categories…


  • Eat healthier, less fast food
  • Cook more—at least 2-3 times a week
  • Stay out of the hospital
  • Get Lupus completely under control


  • Save up money to get business legalized by state $525 total…save $25 per two weeks.
  • Work with SBDC to get business plan made and to get funding for business
  • Find an affordable space to rent for business
  • Would like to open Kennel business by the end of the year
  • Continue selling Thirty-One to make extra income

Dog Goals 

  • Presco: CD title, maybe go for RA title
  • Heidi: RA, RE title…start going for RAE title. Start her back in Agility classes
  • Capone: BN, RN, CGC titles—continue nosework classes, novice classes, and start in IPO work for BH title.
  • Work dogs everyday. Come up with a daily schedule for each dog and what they need to work on that day. (this can also be counted as physical goal because it does take a lot of me to practice with these babies)
  • Become better handler
  • Take Seminars offered by different training facilities
  • Work on building boxer klub


  • Try to stay in contact with friends better
  • Dig Deeper into my submission by reading books on BDSM and submission
  • Keep better records
  • Keep House clean
  • Journal everyday
  • Blog at least 3 times a week (M,W,F)


  • Communicate my feelings better
  • More active in the BDSM Community–Sloshes, Munches, Parties
  • Attend Conferences and Seminars to learn more about lifestyle
  • Date night with Sir at least once a week
  • Be mindful of my rules and protocols
  • Continue attending the sub-only get togethers


  • Will travel with the dog shows- Evansville, Sharonville, Indianapolis
  • 2016 American Boxer Club National in May- Indianapolis
  • 2016 USA Box Show- WI in June or July
  • On one of Sirs weeks off would like to go to New Orleans


  • Continue to stay on track to getting out of debt
  • Save more money- $100 a month
  • Cut out unnecessary spending
  • Get Sunday paper for coupons
  • Make decisions together on big purchases

I am going to make in update on how I’m doing on all these goals in three months. Yep you guessed it I put it in my calendar to do so, LOL. I think it’s important for everyone to work on personal growth. Wither it be new years goals or resolutions or whatever you call them, we should NEVER be complacent with ourselves. We should always be growing and learning.

New Year’s Goals!!

I always have New Year’s Goals. I don’t call them resolutions, just goals I would like to obtain in the next 365 days. It was hard to sit and think about the goals I wanted for 2016. Since after February 29th, I will no longer be a police officer anymore. There are so many uncertainties right now in my life about 2016 so it’s kind of hard to make a goal-list. But here goes anyway.

  1. I would like to get my kennel/boarding business up and running with a partner of course. I hope I can find one and then start the process for turning it into a business with the state and finally to find funding for it. This will help with income into the household. I may be retired from policing but I also would love the chance to do something that I love.
  2. Show my dogs more. I am starting this in January. I will be showing my girl Heidi in four Rally shows. And in order to do that I am going to have to take more classes and work with them more. I am willing to do this as long as my health stays good.
  3. Be more active in Local BDSM Community. Towards the end of the year we kind of slacked off in our involvement with our local community. We need to get back in touch with them and continue to attend weekly events and outings.
  4. Concentrate on our own BDSM relationship and grow within it. Since I’ve been sick our BDSM has really gone down the tube. So hopefully 2016 will be a healthier year for me and we can continue to explore BDSM with each other.
  5. Be more available for my friends. I feel like this year I really didn’t see a lot of my friends. I need to be the one to reach out to them. Make the lunch and dinner dates.

So there you have it my 5 goals for the next 365 days. I am going to work hard on them and provide periodic updates on my progress with each. I will have a few small goals that I will want to get to as well. Like with my Thirty-One business and making extra money for the household. I would like to also dig deeper into my submissiveness which I guess can be lumped into #3. But I also know that I need to take it slow, with my health. I don’t want to end up back in the hospital. Especially not knowing where our health insurance is going to go from here. I will be covered by Sir’s work so I will have insurance but I do not know if we can afford or if we should get a supplement policy because of my terrible health issues and how much will it be because of my health issues. But that’s worrying for another day. Happy Tuesday night everyone!!! LOL.