1. When bringing Sir something I will wait until Sir says “Thank You” before leaving.
  2. I will inform Sir if I fail to meet an expectation and will explain why I am failing to meet the expectation
  3. I will call or text Sir if I have to deviate from set agenda
  4. I will keep the home clean
  5. I will follow a daily list of what I am supposed to do in order as listed and practice my mindfulness while doing it
  6. I will continue to improve on my cooking skills
  7. I will be gracious and smile at all times
  8. I will always clean up after myself and Sir
  9. I am always in submission to Sir whether he is present or not.
  10. I will always ask permission if I can hang out with my friends.


  1. I will send a “good morning” text to let Sir know she is awake and to remind him of plans for the day.
  2. I will let Sir know whenever I leave the house.
  3. I will not pick up my phone and answer it when Sir is talking to me.
  4. I will ask permission to speak freely when I believe Sir is making a wrong choice.
  5. I will always address Dominant as “Sir”. And keep my eyes respectfully lowered.
  6. If I am concerned that I will deviate from an expectation I am to inform Sir at once. Preferably before.
  7. I will except all punishments and corrections
  8. I understand that all punishments are for my own good so I can continue to grow and improve
  9. I will text Sir with requests and if no reply is forthcoming I may send a second text after 5 minutes have passed and then wait no less than 20 minutes before assuming permission is granted.
  10. I will ask permission to make purchases that I or Sir do not “Need”.
  11. I will always come to Sir with any concerns that I have. I will not be afraid to talk to him.
  12. I will respond to text messages from Sir in a reasonable amount of time or explain why it took so long to answer.


  1. When out at a restaurant I will not talk to the waiter. Sir will order for me
  2. I will wait until Sir has taken the first bite of his food.
  3. When around Vanilla friends I may address Sir by his name.
  4. I will always walk behind Sir


  1. I will always wear my wedding band when leaving the house
  2. Sir trusts me to make tasteful choices in outfits for the day
  3. When in the house I will wear eyelet dresses that Sir has approved


  1. I will wake up when Sir wakes up and give him a “Send off” before going to work.
  2. Will have sex when Sir sees fit, unless health prevents me from doing so. I will let Sir know when I am not feeling well enough for sexual activity.
  3. I will always swallow Sirs seed unless his seed goes into pussy or anus.
  4. I will never touch myself in a gratifying way or pleasing way outside of Sir’s presence or unless I have obtained his consent.
  5. I will never touch a toy unless instructed to do so
  6. I will remember my purpose is to serve Sir
  7. I will offer my body for use by Sir every night
  8. I will always thank Sir after play, or sexual use


  1. I must be waxed (pubic hair, under arms, legs) at all times. (Every 5 weeks)
  2. I will get Manicure and Pedicure every 4 weeks
  3. I will maintain weekly hair appointments
  4. I will wear makeup if I choose to do so
  5. If I choose to diet, I will let Sir know so he can keep me accountable
  6. I will take medication everyday
  7. I will go to the Gym 2 times a week and workout for at least 1 hour.


  1. I will always thank Sir cheerfully
  2. I will apologize whenever I have erred
  3. I will never hide my tears from Sir
  4. I will not borrow trouble and will not worry about things that are out of my control


  1. I will keep the household in presentable order
  2. I will keep dirty laundry to a minimum
  3. I will fold laundry (without complaint)
  4. I will wash dishes everyday (Dishwasher)
  5. I will feed dogs and do their training every morning
  6. I will cook meals at least 3 times a week

11 thoughts on “Rules

  1. This is a fabulous list. I might argue that some of these are rituals and some are protocols.. a minor point, as the important point is the structure that creates the constant presence of your dynamic. Very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

      • You are a great submissive. I am just getting started as a Dom and I read a lot. These are rules my Sub will live by, as she does most anyways


    • I love how eloquently you have stated your rules. I happen to be a newly found dom, and my sub is long distance for the time being. She loves it and so do I. However I am not very well aquainted with the entire dynamic and I am open to any and all advice.

      Liked by 1 person

    • My sir has a lot of these rules, but I want him to be a little more strict. We are also trying ddlg and I really like it. Some rules I have that aren’t on the list that I have trouble with are no pouting and not having an attitude. Do you have any advice to help me behave better for my sir and his to respectfully ask for more rules?


      • Hello Little Girl, these are very good questions. What helps me to behave a little better would be before you respond to Sir, take a pause if you are thinking of being pouty or have an attitude. Its hard trust me, I know! But also you have to think that there will be a consequence for being pouty and having attitude. For me I dont like to disappoint my Dom. I try so hard to do what is asked of me, so every rule means something to me. So next time you want to pout or give attitude think of consequences.


  2. MrsEllieMae, some of the punishments I receive I like. I talked to Sir about this and now I have to earn spankings. also, ddlg has been going great for us. when I am naughty now he had me stand in the corner with my hands above my head. it is usually for a half hour and if I speak then the time adds up. I recently got another Sir to train me to be a better sub, as I have been being very naughty. It is a surprise for my boyfriend to help me better behave for him and the new Sir is making me kneel in the corner with hands tied behind my back for an hour today. We were on the phone and I accidentally let a curse slip.
    I’ve been trying really hard to impress him.


  3. My Master and I have just entered this amazing world of D/s and had been struggling on where to start with the rules. I’d like to thank you for your rules list as it’s given my Master the perfect starting point to begin our rules.
    Very much looking forward to reading your blog.


  4. Thank you, my fiance is new to being a dom and i think this will help him with making his own rules for me. Addendums are needed of course but this is going to be a great start for us.


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