So, I was going over my schedule today at my infusion. Its been pretty crazy since I got out of the hospital. Getting ready for Christmas and that business. Getting settled back into work and thinking about upcoming topics to write about in my blog. If that wasn’t busy enough I went and entered myself in two dog shows in January.

January 7th and 8th, I will be heading to Evansville for an obedience trial with Capone. January 14th and 15th I will showing Presco in a rally trial here. The following weekend I will be attending a seminar for dog handlers here. I’m not working a dog just auditing the seminar. Plus there is a cool play party that me and Sir want to attend. February, the 4th and 5th I am thinking about doing another rally trial here. But If I don’t have anyone to show then I wont do it. Then, we have Beat My Valentine the 17th, 18th, and 19th in Indianapolis. March 16th-19th is the Kentuckiana Cluster of dog shows. March 31st-April 2nd, Sir and I are going to Chicago with Capone to trial in an International Conformation show by our USA-Box klub. April 3rd-8th I will be travelling for work for training in Indianapolis. May 5-7th is the American Boxer Specialty in Indianapolis. May 14th-16th I am going to a submissive’s retreat intensive in Indianapolis. I’m really excited about that. And May 27th-28th is another obedience dog show in Evansville. June 10th-11th is Rally Fest in Evansville another dog trial. Don’t know for sure if I am going to go to that one.

So, the first 6 months of the year are going to be busy. I didn’t even mention the monthly local BDSM community stuff that will be going on. And I have to find time write about all these things here, lol. But that will be easy. I love writing about my little adventures wither it be in the dog show world or the kink world. Plus I will be writing about topics as they come and how me and Sir are doing in our D/s. Lots to write about, huh? LOL

Coming Home!!

Yay! I’m going home tomorrow and I am so excited. I’ve been in the hospital for two weeks. While I would like to thank the wonderful doctors, nurses, and aides that took care of me, I’d definitely rather be home. I miss my puppies and I’m anxious to start over with Sir. I have so much to do when I get home but Saturday is reserved to spending time with the puppies and resting. Out of all the hospitalizations I’ve had in the past because of my Lupus this one I missed my dogs so much more. Maybe because the rehab facility had a therapy dog that I saw everyday. But I can’t wait to have them jumping all over me and giving me their sloppy boxer kisses.

Sunday I definitely have to get my hair done, its looks a hot mess. Sir says the house looks the same as I left it, which means it will need cleaning. I also need to take Mr. Presco to rally run thrus if we are going to show in January. Which I plan to the first and second full weekends. The first weekend I will be travelling with Mr.Capone so he can finish his Beginner Novice title. The second weekend I will be showing Mr. Presco in Rally Advanced. No travelling though. Also the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead is happening Sunday night too. So I will have a pretty busy Sunday.

I also have picked up a second job at a pet food store. I get a free 15lb bag of dog food a month and 15% discount on dog food, 30% discount on everything else in the store,which is awesome and will help out with us financially. I only work two or three nights a week. I don’t have to go back to that job until Wednesday night.

I still need to do a lot of things though, main thing is finish Christmas shopping. I also need to plan for 2017, dog shows, vacations, BDSM events. I’ve still been active in our local BDSM community. I have really made some great friends through that. Our community is so awesome. I still attend play parties, and monthly sub lunches. I still advocate that everyone try to become involved with their local community.  I have a sub mom now, lol thats what I call her. She has been in the lifestyle with her Master/Husband for 15 years and she is mentoring me. Her Master isn’t mentoring Sir because he has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease but he said he will be around for any questions that Sir might have for him. I think having them will help us find our dynamic again. We implemented our first rule, I have to text him t 740 am every morning with a good morning text. We are starting out simple and slow. We will talk more about rules and new expectations when I get home. I have a feeling it probably won’t happen until after the holidays because we will be so busy. Sirs father is also in the hospital but he’s expected to be released the 22nd so he will be home for Christmas.

Lots and Lots to do!!! Happy Friday, have a great weekend!!

Putting the pieces back together…

Well today’s post is gonna get a little mushy. I am talking about putting the pieces back together in our marriage and our D/s life. We are doing good with our marriage. We haven’t had time to look at the D/s part yet. Hopefully sometime this weekend. I have sat down with my former rules and kind of crossed out what I think is unrealistic or impossible because I have a job. I’m sure once Sir goes over it there will be more things crossed out. Sir is very serious about me not over doing it. And with me putting already putting in  a lot of time with the dogs it doesn’t leave a lot of room for anything else.

I attended our local communities weekly coffee meeting last night. Sir worked a double so he couldn’t attend. It was nice to see people again. I had been gone from the local scene for a whole month while being in the hospital. I forgot how funny and great they are. Hopefully we can make it to the slosh on Friday night or the party on Saturday or maybe both. We will see what Sir says.

We are slowly starting to put the pieces together and I think that was what the problem was the first time. I think I was in too much of hurry to experience everything in this lifestyle. I got frustrated with Sir and that his timing wasn’t like my own. So now that we are on the same page we can start over again a little slower and a little bit wiser than we did before. I love Sir more than anything and I respect him. I trust him.


“My Dog is better than your dog”….

Not really. I’m not snobbish like that but there are some people out there like that. I ran into them at this weekends American Boxer Specialty. So I will give you a play by play, with pictures….

So Friday I worked 6-2 so I could get on the road. I got home got me and Capone packed for the weekend and headed to our destination. We got there and in our room about 8:30pm. Our roommates Christina and Killian got there around 9:00pm. Me and Christina went to the hotel restaurant for dinner leaving Mr. Capone and Mr. K to catch up with each other since their last visit in February.

Saturday, we started bright and early because Obedience started at 9am. Capone was entered in Beginner Novice, which didn’t show until around 10 but I wanted to get there and watch my friends compete. It was very nice. We did not qualify in Beginner Novice because during the Sit Stay and walk around the ring Capone thought I was walking out of the ring and ran to follow me. But here are some pics from that day:

ABC Nationals7ABC Nationals11ABC Nationals16ABC Nationals23

And here are some pics from Rally Novice (in the afternoon)…It got a little chilly so I put on a jacket and if you haven’t noticed it yet, look at what I’m wearing around my neck (above, you can’t see it with the jacket on)…..We qualified in Rally Novice for our 2nd leg (you need 3 legs in order to get your title)

ABC Nationals17ABC Nationals4ABC Nationals21

Capone did really nicely in Rally. But on Sunday he really did nice. He qualified in Beginner Novice…here are some pics of that..

ABC Nationals19ABC Nationals18ABC Nationals15ABC Nationals13ABC Nationals12ABC Nationals10ABC Nationals9ABC Nationals8ABC Nationals14ABC Nationals2ABC Nationals3

And Rally Novice..We qualified and Titled.. Capone is now Int. CH Ciceron Kamenicki RN..

ABC Nationals22ABC Nationals8ABC Nationals6ABC Nationals1

All in all it was a fun weekend. Did run into one problem but we got her straightened out. I know a lot of people don’t there don’t like the fact that I have a European dog but hey my dog is awesome and I don’t care. Don’t be coming up to me talking about how bad my dog is because he’s European…fact check: the Boxer was originally bred in Europe dumbass! Ok I’m a end my rant there. But I did see a lot of old friends and made some new ones. I was very much impressed with Capone’s performance for him being only 11 Months old and not having any training the whole month of April he did a good job. Wish I got to stay the entire week instead of just the weekend. Oh well, it’s Monday and back to real life of work..ugh!!! Happy Monday!


2016 Goal List—Update

Remember in January I made a post entitled 2016 Goal List Do-Over…. Where I put some goals for that I had for 2016. I also said in three months that I would give an update how I am doing on these goals. Well here we go…

Physical: I’m not really eating healthier. I am cooking more than I was before but not 2-3 times a week due to getting used to my new job and being at a desk for 8 hours, ugh! I did have a month stay in the hospital in April. Which is why I did not write a lot during that time.

Career: This whole section has changed drastically. I am now a Crime Analyst for our police department. It’s a $4 pay cut but it still offers insurance which is what I need badly and I still get to use my degree. So from Monday-Friday 8-4 I am working at our police headquarters. So that has put my dream of a kennel business on hold. I am still training. I will be training a puppy sometime starting in June. A high school friend of mine also has a dance school and is in need of dance instructors and I applied for that. The more money I make the more I can put towards my future business.

Dog Goals: Presco earned his CD title in March. We are going to go for Rally Advanced title in June and July. Heidi got her RA title in January. We are going to start on her Rally Excellent title in June and July. I may try to get her CD, I think she might be ready for that. Our working Boxer klub has been put on hold for a second. All members have been insanely busy but we are hoping to meet this month and work our dogs.

Life: Well I’ve tried to stay in better contact with my friends. Always feel like I am bothering them though even though they say I’m not. We haven’t really been active in the BDSM community at all this year. We plan on going to things but the weather is bad or we are too tired. But we really gotta get back into our community. Our rules and protocols will be changing due to me getting a job. I have had a reader ask me to post what a day in my life looks like. Once we get the new protocols and rules in order, I will make a post concerning that.

Travel: Is going perfect, I am going to the Boxer national this weekend. We are going to The Power Exchange Summit in Columbus, OH at the end of the month. In June we will be going to a USA BOX show in Wisconsin, Capone will be trialing in Conformation. In July I will be going back to Columbus, OH for Thirty-One Conference.

Financial: Going in a totally different direction as well. With all the debt that me and Sir have acquired (mainly me) we both have decided that filing Bankruptcy is our final option to start over. However we don’t qualify for Chapter 7 because we both make too much money. So we have to file Chapter 13, which is a repayment plan. Creditors will be repaid in full but not at the interest rate that they want. We have a great lawyer that’s guiding us through the process. The whole repayment plan will be a 5 year deal and a payment that we can afford. If you are young and reading this make sure you get your finances together and don’t fall in the trap of credit cards, they are the devil. They will do nothing but hurt your credit or cause you to be obsessed with them and get too many like I did.

So overall my thoughts about my personal growth so far is “life happens”, all the plans I had kind of changed because of getting this new job, hospital stays, etc. You can plan out how you want your life to go but in the end it can change within a blink of an eye so don’t get so caught up on plans. Again in another three months I will make another update concerning my personal growth.

New Job!!

So, I started my new job yesterday. I am so excited about having a desk, lol. I have my own L-shaped desk. I’ve never had a job where I’ve had my own desk before. So yesterday after my first day, I b-lined it to staples and bought out everything pink and black…yes, my desk will have a theme.

So mostly today and yesterday was spent watching training videos and talking to my co-workers. All of them seem very nice. I was feeling very blessed today working…until I realized the pay cut difference. I’m going from make $24.50 an hour to $17.30…a major pay difference. But I have to look at it like this too…I am getting health insurance, and access to our wellness center. It’s just going to be very tight with us trying to pay off some bills. But once we get some bills paid off it won’t be so tight. We are just going to have to watch money for the next couple of months.

Also I thought even when I was off from work I would get up pretty early. Like 7 or 8, but now I have to get up at 6am in order to get dogs fed and myself ready for work. These past two days I have been dead dog tired. So I didn’t put into account that I would have to get used to getting up so early and actually going into a job.

Which means I may have to take a break in showing dogs. I will have to focus just on Capone and Furi and maybe try to get Presco’s CD title another time. I am showing him and Capone this week at a cluster of dog shows. From today’s training sessions with both dogs, we are going just for practice apparently. Both boys seem distracted and just not giving me the time of day. Tomorrow night we have Obedience run throughs at the training center so we will see how Presco does with that. But I’m not expecting a lot from them this weekend.

So this week, I’m trying to train dogs for a show, and get used to going back to work, training for new job, and turn in my old job equipment among other thing. Needless to say I’m definitely going to need my coffee this week….

Vanilla Life Update…with a side of kinkyness

Well it’s been two weeks since my last post..wow! It’s been a little busy around here lately. So I applied for the Crime Analyst position and I met the minimum requirements for the job so that means I move on to the next phase which is taking the Excel test next week. I will be honest I will have to seriously study for this because I haven’t used Microsoft Excel since I was in college which was about 8 years ago…so…yeah…. I got a great online study guide though. So hopefully I should be ready.

Sir has been working a lot here lately. But we are keeping up with each other. His work is weird, he has to pick out his 2016 vacations (he gets 4) by yesterday. So Thursday night we sat down and planned our annual vacation and times I would probably need him to be off. In June our working Boxer Klub is co-sponsoring a show in Wisconsin. He’s going to be off for that. I’m Vice-President of the club and he is on the board. I am excited about that. I would like for him to go to the Boxer National Specialty with me in May but he can’t get off the first week of May seeing as it is Derby week here in Kentucky. In October we are going to New Orleans which is our annual vacation.

Puppies are doing great. We still have 4. At the end of the month I will be showing two in a conformation show in Ohio. March I have the Kentucky Cluster of Dog shows I will be showing in. I entered Capone in Rally Novice, so hopefully he will get that title. I’m entering Presco as well for his Novice Obedience title. I only signed up for the shows on the weekend on the off-chance that I get this job.

Wednesday night we went to our communities weekly coffee. We hadn’t been there in such a long time. It was nice catching up with some of the subs. Today was a sub lunch but I could not attend. Me and another sub signed up for a sub intensive day in Columbus, Ohio. She’s been in the lifestyle for over 20 years and she said she heard that it was a good intensive. Its on a Saturday all day. They are only accepting 20 subs. They like to keep it relatively small. So I’m really excited about attending that. Beat My Valentine is coming up next weekend and Sir and I are excited its finally here. Can’t wait to experience our first large gathering of kinky folk. I will definitely be writing about the following week.

Friday I had my Lupus Infusion so today I’m not feeling too well. Had a bad night, couldn’t get to sleep for anything. So today I’m just resting. Had some training sessions with the pups and that’s about it. I feel a little weak and tired.

I guess at the end of March is when I will update my goals section and see what I have accomplished so far in the year. With the possibility of this new job coming up, a lot of my goals have a changed a little bit.