What’s Been Going On….

Hello people in blogland…it has been a crazy month. I haven’t been able to pause to even write about it. Actually most of it is about normal life things and nothing kinky. But I’m still gonna bore you with details anyway lol…

Work: More projects and we have new people starting soon. New training stuff coming up. Great way to make me seem like I don’t belong there. Everyone else seems so much smarter than me. But oh well gotta keep going! Until I win the lottery at least…I guess I should start playing if I wanna win huh? LOL

Doggies: Started IPO training with Capone last week. Boy am I in for it physically. Geez! I spent this week ordering all kinds of stuff. Heeling sticks, balls on ropes, etc. oh and since its all done outside I needed to get my warm gear together. So I ordered some Arctix snow pants and weather appropriate boots (I’m serious about staying warm, lol). Capone has a long way to go with IPO but I plan on working hard with him. So, Mr. Presco is getting ready for his Rally Excellent debut next weekend. Another 2 trial day both Saturday and Sunday. We had run thrus today and they went pretty bad. I don’t think Presco likes the place that he’s going to be trialing at next weekend. But we will see. And Heidi is healing great from her surgery. She’s no longer wearing the cone of shame. A lot of my time away from things is because of training with the dogs. Capone has rally class on Tuesday nights. Wednesday nights the training club does obedience training, Thursday IPO/AKC obedience training for Capone and Sunday is IPO training for Capone. The premium for the cluster of dog shows in March came out so I’m trying to decided if I am going to show or if I’m just going to train and wait until May to show Capone again. I think I might just attend the cluster as a spectator and support my friends that are showing.

Kink: Well we didn’t make it to the play party this month. We did make it to the slosh and I made it to the sub lunch. I think the reason I didn’t go to the play party is I was disappointed. The week before the play party I had talked with some people and was going to have my first experience with Firecupping. I was really excited but then at the sub lunch plans apparently had changed without telling me or Sir. This person decided to scene with someone else and make it a big production. I was disappointed and Sir knew it so he didn’t really press the issue of going to the play party. I just think it was a little inconsiderate of the other party to change things and not even talk to me about it. But I’m way over that. The slosh was fun as usual, and I found a fellow boxer lover who’s a sub and we talked a lot. I was glad that Sir was able to go and he seemed at ease with talking to everyone. We should make February’s slosh and then we will be out of town for the kink event “Beat My Valentine” so it should be good times and a lot more for me to write about kink-wise.

Home: We’ve been doing good. It’s just been so busy around the house lately but we have really been working on it as a team. We just had to pay freakin $900 to fix a leak..ugh…oh the joys of home ownership! Any way other than that we have been working hard to get and keep the house clean.

So that’s whats been going on this month. February is looking a lot slower so I will have more time to blog and such! Plus I will have more interesting topics to write about.


Cheers for now


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