2017 Goals


  • Eat healthier (make better choices, take lunch to work,)
  • Workout with Sir (1-2 times a week)
  • Continue with waxes
  • Continue with hair appts
  • Try to stay out of the hospital
  • Wear makeup more (stop being lazy)


  • Learn Excel, Access, i2 programs
  • Get ahead in projects

Dog Goals

  • Heidi: Rally Excellent and Novice titles
  • Capone: Rally Advanced, Beginner Novice, and CGC titles
  • Presco: Rally Advanced


  • Beat My Valentine–Indianapolis, IN
  • Kinky Kollege–Chicago, IL
  • Servants Retreat–Indianapolis, IN
  • Dog Shows- Evansville, IN
  • FCI Dog Show-Chicago, IL
  • ABC National Specialty Dog Show-Indianapolis, IN


  • Continue being involved in local community
  • Attend seminars and conferences about the lifestyle
  • Continue growing in D/s with Sir
  • Keep house cleaner


  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!!!
  • Date night once a week
  • Workout together


  • Continue to get out of debt
  • Cut out on fast food
  • Cut out unnecessary spending

Smaller list than last year. I tried not to give myself unrealistic expectations. I will also do better about writing down the journey in this blog. I’m really concentrated this year on BDSM and the dogs getting their titles. My job also is in that too. I want to learn how to do more so I don’t feel like a complete idiot. Here’s to 2017 and my new goal list. Im guessing I hope you guys will be my accountability partners LOL. Help keep me on track.

Ok, so I wrote about all the bad things in 2016. At the end I am thankful for a lot:

* My wonderful Husband/Sir

* My boxer dogs.

* My job

* My in-law family

* My small family

* The ability to not want for anything. 

* My new kink family in my local community and online community

* The 132 followers I have on wordpress. Wow! It humbles me and moves me to tears that so many people like mt blog. I hope it helps. 


Happy New Year Everyone! Please be safe when going out tonight!!

One thought on “2017 Goals

  1. What a sense of achievement if you complete just half of these, I admire you I can only manage about five!


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