Where Have I Been???

So…finally here’s the story. Me and Sir hit a very rough patch. I won’t get into the details but D/s and even our marriage almost ended. Its been a rough seven months. But we have decided to not give up on our marriage and D/s. 2017 will be the year we save our marriage. We are starting completely over with D/s, we both realized some major mistakes we made. I had unrealistic expectations for him and he wasn’t completely honest about how he was feeling about the whole thing. So we have decided to start completely over from scratch and go A LOT slower.

I wanted to come back to the blog to also document that things aren’t always rosy in the world of D/s we had a 7 month hiatus. So we start now, fresh and slower. So expect more posts from me documenting our journey.

As I write this I am in the hospital again. I had a Lupus flare up that left my legs so weak that I could not walk. I’ve been in the hospital for almost two weeks. I am starting to get strong again. Today I walked unassisted a small distance. I don’t think I’m ready to go home quite yet. Sir has been up here everyday. My doctors will make a decision on how much longer I will be here today.

4 thoughts on “Where Have I Been???

  1. So nice to see you back again. Wish you both all the best. I certainly understand because this happened to us and we were married for a very long time when we hit the rocks. But we are still going strong as is our D/s, if that gives you some hope! Counseling also helped us immensely.

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