The Hustle and Bustle of Life…

It’s hard being a submissive/slave with the hustle and bustle of life. At least I am finding it hard. Sir has postponed protocol until we have time to sit down and discuss my rules since I am working now. It’s awkward not doing things but to be honest between getting used to a new job and the dogs and being in the hospital for the month of April it is a relief.

I took my collar off when I had my mid life crisis (Mid-Life Crisis…) so I haven’t worn it and honestly I think that is what might be bothering me the most. I don’t feel like a submissive because I don’t have my collar on and I don’t have time to be a submissive right now. But after this weekend, things should be getting back to normal and hopefully I’m stronger and we can sit and talk and return to protocols. I miss them.

I just decided to write this small post because I’m sitting here at work and it is dead. This is my last hour and I know it’s going to go by slow. Sir said we would talk tonight before I leave for the dog show in Indianapolis (a two hour drive). Hopefully he will allow me to wear it.

So what else is going on, well it’s also Derby weekend here in Louisville. Yep we are the city that parties for two weeks straight only for 2 minutes of horse racing. Brings in a lot of celebrities. The Pegasus Parade was yesterday and guess what we had a double shooting. Some 14 year old piece of crap gang member shot two people for a gang retaliation. Ok for one this kid was stupid as hell does he not know the entire police department was at the parade minus the minimums that was on the beat. I mean you shoot someone in the middle of a parade surrounded by officers you are gonna get caught. So with the whole world watching us this week because of the Derby, we have a double shooting, how embarrassing for our city!

I am very excited about going to  The Power Exchange Summit. I think both me and Sir will benefit from the classes and the experience in general. I really want to meet Dawn the co-creator of the event. I was supposed to go to a submissive intensive that she had put on in April but I was in the hospital and couldn’t go. I was so upset. But here’s a second opportunity to meet her. She’s a slave and I follow her and husband/Sir teachings. They wrote a book called “Living M/s” check it out, its a really great book. I read it in like two sittings, I was that much into it. Well I think I’ve written as much as I can for now. Look for a follow up post about this weekend and how Mr. Capone does. Have a great weekend guys!!!

3 thoughts on “The Hustle and Bustle of Life…

  1. Now you should come to my fine city for the best BBQ in the world. Owensboro is the BBQ capital of the world. It’s next weekend. Glad to see you writing! Hope all is well!!! xoxo


  2. I am so glad things are beginning to get back to some kind of normality and that you are over the mid-life thing. Hope you and your Sir find the time to agree things and you get to put your collar back on soon. xx


  3. My little cousin fleed The Ville due to Derby weekend. Owensboro is world renowned for BBQ. Come for the festival. Crafts, food, BBQ, beer garden. We have people come from countries,


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