Vanilla Life Update…with a side of kinkyness

Well it’s been two weeks since my last! It’s been a little busy around here lately. So I applied for the Crime Analyst position and I met the minimum requirements for the job so that means I move on to the next phase which is taking the Excel test next week. I will be honest I will have to seriously study for this because I haven’t used Microsoft Excel since I was in college which was about 8 years ago…so…yeah…. I got a great online study guide though. So hopefully I should be ready.

Sir has been working a lot here lately. But we are keeping up with each other. His work is weird, he has to pick out his 2016 vacations (he gets 4) by yesterday. So Thursday night we sat down and planned our annual vacation and times I would probably need him to be off. In June our working Boxer Klub is co-sponsoring a show in Wisconsin. He’s going to be off for that. I’m Vice-President of the club and he is on the board. I am excited about that. I would like for him to go to the Boxer National Specialty with me in May but he can’t get off the first week of May seeing as it is Derby week here in Kentucky. In October we are going to New Orleans which is our annual vacation.

Puppies are doing great. We still have 4. At the end of the month I will be showing two in a conformation show in Ohio. March I have the Kentucky Cluster of Dog shows I will be showing in. I entered Capone in Rally Novice, so hopefully he will get that title. I’m entering Presco as well for his Novice Obedience title. I only signed up for the shows on the weekend on the off-chance that I get this job.

Wednesday night we went to our communities weekly coffee. We hadn’t been there in such a long time. It was nice catching up with some of the subs. Today was a sub lunch but I could not attend. Me and another sub signed up for a sub intensive day in Columbus, Ohio. She’s been in the lifestyle for over 20 years and she said she heard that it was a good intensive. Its on a Saturday all day. They are only accepting 20 subs. They like to keep it relatively small. So I’m really excited about attending that. Beat My Valentine is coming up next weekend and Sir and I are excited its finally here. Can’t wait to experience our first large gathering of kinky folk. I will definitely be writing about the following week.

Friday I had my Lupus Infusion so today I’m not feeling too well. Had a bad night, couldn’t get to sleep for anything. So today I’m just resting. Had some training sessions with the pups and that’s about it. I feel a little weak and tired.

I guess at the end of March is when I will update my goals section and see what I have accomplished so far in the year. With the possibility of this new job coming up, a lot of my goals have a changed a little bit.

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