Back in the grind

This week we are back to our normal schedule. We had a break last week with all the snow but now that that’s over back to training hard for the dogs. I have so much going on. I have 3 dogs in classes. One is actually in two classes, nosework and novice obedience. Plus keeping the house clean for Sir and cooking dinner. I am also involved in numerous groups and organizations that have meetings. Ugh! And I’m trying to keep up with the blog. I know I haven’t been writing as much as I normally do but just bare with me.

Also in the last couple of days I’ve had to make a pretty hard decision about trying to go back to work. Not as a police officer but as a Crime Analyst for the department. The position opened up the 27th and closes on the 6th of February. I have until then to apply for it. This is the second time this job has come up in my line of sight. I applied for it once when I was on light duty the last time but backed out because I got better and decided to go back to the street. Now that I am definitely not going back to the street its funny that this position opens up. I think it might be a sign. So I am definitely going to apply for it. I am having a friend help me get my resume’ together and I am going to ask a couple of people to write recommendation letters for me (people as in my sergeant and major). I am nervous though. 75% is based on experience and 25% is based on an excel exam that you have to take. I got the experience part nailed I think but that damn excel test is going to be a pain in the ass. I’ve already started studying for it. So if I do get the job I will being working 8-4, M-F. Let’s talk about the good things…..1) Will have secondary insurance, which will help with our ever-growing medical bills due to my Lupus. 2) Will allow me to use the degree that I paid close to $20,000 to get. 3) Will keep me in the work force for another 13 years. 4) Will be working with a great group of people. I toured where they were the last time I applied and everyone seemed extremely nice. Ok now for the bad things…1) It won’t allow me to have a lot of time training my dogs. 2) I will have to put the kennel business on the back burner for now. 3) nervous about learning how to do a new job, I mean I’ve been doing the same job for the past 7 years. Learning something new will hard. 4) I will be taking somewhat of a pay cut. I think I currently make somewhere in the mid 20’s and hour. If I take this job I will only be making $17.30 an hour, which isn’t bad but it’s still a pay cut. I think the quality of the good things definitely outweigh the bad things. So here I go, wish me Luck!!!!  🙂



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