Colder than a snowmans balls…

Yep, we’ve had our first snow and that dropped the temperature down. I’m glad I only have one puppy that needs “assistance” going to the bathroom. The rest I can watch from the door. I hate the cold, just letting you know. I would rather it be sunny 90 degrees all year round.

I have plenty of under armour to get through training sessions with the dogs but its the simple fact that I just hate the cold. I hate working in the cold, its just a nuisance. Cold doesn’t bother Sir seeing as he works in a freezer, he actually wears shorts in cold weather. CRAZY!!! But anyway I hate driving in the snow and cold too many people that can’t drive. Last night I was coming home from dog training and almost got ran off the road TWICE by two different semi-trucks. I’m terrified of semis anyway but this has made my fear worse. I was shaking because they were so close to hitting me. I prayed the whole rest of the way home and stayed away from any semi-truck.

Saturday I went to our local sub lunch. It was a lot fun, met two new subs and had great conversation. I love our little group of subs that meet, they are all so sweet and knowledgeable. We always have a great time. Next Saturday we are all going bowling…it’s gonna be a busy day for me. I have the Dog Show in the morning. I will probably be done with that around 1pm, then I have have Bowling @ 4pm-6pm then our training club is having a party from 7-9pm. Gonna definitely be a busy day. But this sub is used to having busy days here lately.

2 thoughts on “Colder than a snowmans balls…

  1. I couldn’t imagine driving in the snow!! After spending a year in Michigan with family when I was young, I was all too happy to come back to the warmth of Texas. It was 83 degrees here on Christmas day, but it’s getting cooler… 62 degrees right now.
    My boxer won’t even go outside if it’s raining. I couldn’t imagine his reaction to snow. LOL!
    Sounds like you do indeed have a busy weekend ahead of you. I need to find a local sub group where I can get to know others, as well. It sounds interesting, but not currently having a dominant (or perhaps ever), I wonder if it’s even worth it.

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    • Yeah my older male boxer hates the snow and rain. I caught him peeing on the patio one day to avoid going out in it. LOL. Yes, I strongly recommend you try to find a local group. Most of the subs in our group are single and don’t have Doms, it really doesn’t matter but it seems to be helpful when you are choosing a Dom to have ideas to bounce off of people, thats what I’m told by the single subs.

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