Cleaning Day w/ a little help!


Since I’ve been in the hospital and sick my housework has gone to the way side and the house is horrible. It’s kind of like I’m at that spot where I don’t even know where to begin in all the cleaning. But it makes me sick looking at it all.

So last week my mother in law called me and asked me if I needed any help cleaning my house. Well let me tell ya when she says clean…she means…clean. We cleaned under couches and everything. So we cleaned my entire basement, living room, and kitchen spotless and sanitized. I was so wore out by the time she left. She said we’d clean the rest at another time. I didn’t think that time would be so soon. She called last night and wanted to come over today to help clean some more.

We have one room in our house that’s an extra bedroom but me and Sir have unintentionally turned it into our “closet”. So there’s clothes and miscellaneous stuff that we have thrown in there and forgot about. God, I had forgotten how many fucking shoes I have. I am not allowed to by another pair of shoes for a long while, LOL.

So that was the room that we decided to work on today. Clothes everywhere, clothes that had been forgotten about and new clothes that needed to find homes. We had tubs to sort out the clothes so we sorted all of me and Sirs clothes and shoes out. I hadn’t seen the floor in that room for a while, its very sad to say….very sad. Did a lot of laundry, that’s still going ugh! I hate laundry but now that I’m somewhat caught up it shouldn’t be so bad. We worked all day! I even put my uniforms in tub to get them ready to be sold when I retire.

I am so tired and achy right now LOL. But I feel good about what we have accomplished today. She’s coming over again tomorrow to help finish cleaning that room and help me fold more laundry. She is the nicest person in the entire world. She refused to let me pay for lunch. But it is nice hanging out with her. I miss my own mother so much, its’ nice to have someone being maternal toward you.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Day w/ a little help!

  1. I’m glad someone is helping you. That makes it easier, especially with your health being what it is. I hope you’re on the mend and get to feeling better soon!!!!

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