Happy New Year’s Eve!!


Well, it’s New Year’s Eve. Where the hell did the year go???? I feel like just yesterday was February. Any who. So tomorrow is January 1st 2016, some said it

s the blank page of 365 page book. I intend to fill it up with good memories.

Sir and I don’t have any plans for tonight. Honestly we will both probably be asleep by midnight.

Here’s to a great, healthy 2016.

Happy New Years Everyone! Be safe and have fun, see ya in the New Year my kinky friends!

New Year’s Goals!!

I always have New Year’s Goals. I don’t call them resolutions, just goals I would like to obtain in the next 365 days. It was hard to sit and think about the goals I wanted for 2016. Since after February 29th, I will no longer be a police officer anymore. There are so many uncertainties right now in my life about 2016 so it’s kind of hard to make a goal-list. But here goes anyway.

  1. I would like to get my kennel/boarding business up and running with a partner of course. I hope I can find one and then start the process for turning it into a business with the state and finally to find funding for it. This will help with income into the household. I may be retired from policing but I also would love the chance to do something that I love.
  2. Show my dogs more. I am starting this in January. I will be showing my girl Heidi in four Rally shows. And in order to do that I am going to have to take more classes and work with them more. I am willing to do this as long as my health stays good.
  3. Be more active in Local BDSM Community. Towards the end of the year we kind of slacked off in our involvement with our local community. We need to get back in touch with them and continue to attend weekly events and outings.
  4. Concentrate on our own BDSM relationship and grow within it. Since I’ve been sick our BDSM has really gone down the tube. So hopefully 2016 will be a healthier year for me and we can continue to explore BDSM with each other.
  5. Be more available for my friends. I feel like this year I really didn’t see a lot of my friends. I need to be the one to reach out to them. Make the lunch and dinner dates.

So there you have it my 5 goals for the next 365 days. I am going to work hard on them and provide periodic updates on my progress with each. I will have a few small goals that I will want to get to as well. Like with my Thirty-One business and making extra money for the household. I would like to also dig deeper into my submissiveness which I guess can be lumped into #3. But I also know that I need to take it slow, with my health. I don’t want to end up back in the hospital. Especially not knowing where our health insurance is going to go from here. I will be covered by Sir’s work so I will have insurance but I do not know if we can afford or if we should get a supplement policy because of my terrible health issues and how much will it be because of my health issues. But that’s worrying for another day. Happy Tuesday night everyone!!! LOL.

I’m not Dead!! I promise…


I haven’t written in over a month, wow! That’s crazy! Well what have I been up to this last month???? Preparing for Christmas, Starting two new organizations, being stuck in the hospital and keeping Sir happy. So it’s been pretty busy. Let me break that down.

Well company #1 is the kennel business. We have had 5 boxers living with us. 3 are ours and 2 are boarders. So its been crazy in our house trying to get a schedule down and keeping to it. One boarder just left to go to his forever home and I miss him so much. He was such a little cutie. I know the family will be happy to get him. Organization #2 is a regional leg of the USA Boxer Association which promotes the European Boxer in America. They hold and trials and there is not a regional leg in our area. So me and my breeder decided to start one. We have our first board of directors meeting in January. So getting that together has taken a lot of time up.

A week prior to Christmas I was put in the hospital with a bad lupus flare. Stupid me went to a different hospital and the doctor I got wouldn’t listen to me about giving me prednisone to help with the flare. It got so bad that I couldn’t even walk without being assisted. Finally me and Sir decided it was time for me to leave that hospital and go to the one that I normally go to for help. They weren’t helping me at all at the first hospital. So When we got to the second hospital they listened to me and got me out in 2 days, giving me prednisone every 6 hours and pain meds. I was discharged just in time for Christmas on December 23rd. I had no energy whatsoever. We missed Christmas Eve with His aunt and uncles because I was so weak.

We were able to celebrate Christmas morning with His family, but I wasn’t a bundle of laughs. I was tired and could barely open my gifts. I fell asleep in the afternoon. Woke up to find an odd rash on my leg. I still don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s my blood disorder acting up or if its just an allergic reaction. I don’t want to go back to the emergency room because i’m scared that it is my blood disorder and I will be hospitalized again. But it could not be I guess. I don’t know. Waiting for Sir to come home and we’ll make a decision on what to do.

I am feeling a bit stronger today. Although because of not knowing what this rash is on my leg I’ve been ordered to take it easy and not do a lot to provide risk of cutting myself in case it it my blood disorder. If I can hang on until tomorrow I can call my hematologist and schedule a CBC blood test to see what my platelet count is and if its low enough he will admit there or it could be something that I don’t have to be hospitalized for. He might be able to treat it outpatient.  Ugh, I hate being sick. I will try to write more although here lately nothing kinky has been going on, but I guess just writing helps me to destress.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!