Without a collar…

So Sir had to take off my collar a couple of days ago for a medical procedure. He hasn’t put it back on and I went to the mall today. I feel really strange not having my collar on. Its become a part of me. A symbol. It represents something and to not have it on feels like I’m not complete. Not that I am saying I feel any less of a submissive, but I obviously can feel its absence.

To me my collar represents something. And when I am nervous or unsure of things I grab it and it’s like Sir is with me telling me to calm down or that everything will be ok. Don’t know why I put so much into my collar but I do. Its kind of become my wedding ring. Seeing as sometimes I can’t wear them because my hands swell. I can always wear my collar (except during medical procedures).  So no soon Sir comes home from work I am going to ask him to put my collar back on.



4 thoughts on “Without a collar…

  1. i too understand. LM put my new collar on November 1 and i just can’t imagine it off… Its weighty and is a constant reminder of Him. Hope you have yours back on soon! 💜

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