Sex at Play Parties!

Recently I made a post about me and Sir going to a play party where there was actual sex involved. I thought this needed a separate post because my feelings were all over the place about it.

The next day I had a sub lunch and I brought up the topic. Most of us didn’t agree with having sex at play parties.

Personally I thought I would be okay with it. I thought that it’d be interesting to watch. But when it actually happened, I was very much weirded out by it. So we just continued on talking to people and pretty much ignored the scene that was taking place. Another thought I had about the whole thing is who would want to use the equipment after that scene. I know there is cleaner but I’m a major germaphobe, but that’s just me.

Another thing that was different was the Fuck Saw, yeah he used condoms on it with every person who tried it. But I don’t know. The experience would’ve been pretty awesome, but would I catch syphilis some how? or am I being pretty silly? Probably am knowing me. But hey that’s my opinion. But with all this said it’s not going to stop me from going to play parties and socializing. Just thought I’d write about my thoughts on the new rules. Now not all play parties is sex allowed. Just certain ones.



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