It’s been a while…

Hey guys, I swear I am still alive. LOL. Getting used to 5 dogs in the house takes a lot out of you and also trying to run a household. Its exhausting, for both me and Sir. So not a lot of kink going on but I still have my protocols and we are still attending events in the community. We missed out on the “Coffee meeting’ this week because I was in the emergency room last Monday. We didn’t make the monthly Slosh either, I had a date with my vanilla girlfriends. But hopefully this week we will be back on track with attending our local events.

I was in the worst emergency room in my city. I hate being alone in the emergency room too. But there I was, legs tingly and hurting so bad I couldn’t walk. It was a terrible experience that I won’t drag on, luckily Sir was able to eventually come with me. I was there from 8:30am to 11:00pm…yeah… I finally got pain meds around 3:00pm that didn’t work then they tried again with a different type of medication that actually worked. But it was the longest I had ever been in an emergency room and it ruined my plans for the day. Which set me back in the week and I started rushing to get everything done.

Also I just noticed that this is my 100th Post. Woot Woot go me! Never thought I’d write this much or that anyone would care about my writings. So thank you to the 93 people that follow me. It means alot to me. Never even thought 1 person would care about anything I had to say. So this completely surprised me. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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