Feeling better….

Ok, so a couple of posts ago I sounded very concerned about my submission. In the time that I have written it a lot has happened mentally to me. I’ve had some friends I’ve talked to and then awesome blogger Kayla Lords wrote a post about submissives being too hard on themselves.

It all got me thinking. One, I am making unrealistic goals for myself as a submissive. Two, if Sir is unhappy with any way that I serve him, I’m sure he will let me know. and Three, there are no such things as the “Perfect submissive”. I’m never going to be perfect so I just need to accept that. I am a human, I make mistakes. Hopefully I will learn from those mistakes. As long as I am wholeheartedly giving myself to Sir, when I am able to, that’s all that matters.

We have to work together as a team to make D/s work for us. We have special circumstances, I have a disease that sometimes renders me unable to serve. I have talked to Sir and we are going to get together a protocol for when I am unable to do my normal protocols so that I still feel like I am being submissive. I feel a whole lot better than I did the other day when I wrote that post. I am very optimistic and think that we still have a lot of D/s ahead of us.

Thanks to all the people I talked to about this situation! You have helped me so much!

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