Losing D/s…

Didn’t really know what to title this piece so D/s I guess will do. Recently our D/s has taken a nose dive. Healthwise I haven’t been good and we’ve been crazy busy in our personal lives. I know that sometimes life takes over and the time for play and D/s takes a back burner. I hate that.

I still call Sir, Sir. I still wear his collar. But I kind of don’t feel worthy of it. I don’t feel submissive enough. I still have some protocols that I have to follow, but I feel like its been a little relaxed and I know it’s because I don’t feel well or because we are too busy. Its kind of making me feel less of a submissive. I think these are things that definitely need to be talked about with Sir. We just have to figure it out and how to make time for our D/s and Play. Its not so much the Play, but the strict protocols I am missing. And I guess doing all that kneeling is not realistic. I don’t’ know maybe it is. It was for us for a while, but then we got busy and I got sick.

Everyone elses D/s around me seems to be going great and I am happy for them. I guess I just need to have the talk with Sir and see where and how we can fit D/s back into our life with our busy schedules and my unpredictable health. I have met so many wonderful people while being on this journey of D/s so I’m sure this is the path that we were meant to be on.

I don’t know, I will follow up this post when I talk to Sir about things.

5 thoughts on “Losing D/s…

  1. I don’t know if you were aware but D/s isn’t all about sex. 😉
    Maybe the two of you can come up with some things you are able to do that keeps you connected to your submission when you aren’t up to par.

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      • I was researching last night trying to find maybe a list of suggestions. I wasn’t really successful. There are groups on fet about chronic conditions. I don’t know if you have looked at them.
        Are there computer things he normally does that he can give you to handle? Things that you can do while sitting down?
        There will be times that you can’t do anything and he is doing more for you. You are listening to him by resting, taking your medicine and taking care of yourself.
        Talk to him, brainstorm maybe come up with a list of non physical things that help you still feel submissive when you are unable to do physical things.
        If I see anything I’ll pass it along.

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  2. First – moving past the whole our “relationship” isn’t this or that, especially compared to someone else, is very difficult. I still do it. Even as I read your post today and consider how to comment, I have a moment where I think what freaking right do I have to say anything. We are so un-D/s but still consider us “lifestylers” but are we Really “lifestylers”. All I can say is just keeping moving in your direction. Second – we also deal with a disability/limitations. It is frustrating as hell. Just had this conversation with a friend and I describe it as mourning a loss. You sort of have to treat it the same way. While at the same time figuring out how to adapt. Again, no easy solution. Man do I wish there was. Just understanding and encouragement. Best to you and yours on your continued journey.

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