Is 5 Boxers too many?????

Sorry I haven’t written much about our D/s or kink here lately. Its kind of taken a small backseat for a minute while we get adjusted to life with 4 Boxers. But I am working on a D/s post related to Play Parties. Hopefully will be able to post it later today.But not only are we boarding the one Boxer but we have to train him has well. So right now I’m having training sessions with three of the Boxers.

Heidi is training for Rally and Novice. Capone is training on his basics, like sit, stay, down and walking nicely on a lead. Armon poor thing is just learning what his name is. So I have to keep straight what I’m working on and with what dog. I try to do at least two training sessions with Heidi a day and three with Armon and Capone. The rest of the time is  divided up into feeding them and making sure they get enough exercise. Full time job. But I love doing it. Its not all glamour I mean the puppies poop and you gotta figure out which personalities get along best. Like Heidi, Capone, and Presco can go outside and play together Armon is too small to play. But he can go out with Presco because Presco is gentle with him. Its not that the others fight or anything, they just play a little rough and Armon is too small for all that. Although he doesn’t think so, lol.

So my breeder now wants us to take one of her dogs and board it for at least a month. She will pay us of course and provide the dog food. Furi is a puppy a little younger than Capone. So her and Armon would be a perfect pair together. Sir is a little worried about having 5 dogs in the house. To be honest I’m worried too. But I think we can do it. If we can do 4 and live than 5 shouldn’t be that much of a difference. Plus its me that’s with them the most. I will be expected to board and train this puppy too. If we decided to take Furi on, that would be three puppies.

This is exactly what I want to do after I retire but maybe not so many dogs. We will see and I will understand what my limit it. I think 5 is where we will draw the line. Absolutely no more boarders until we get rid of the others.

Well I think that is all for this post…oh yeah today is Election Day so go exercise your right to vote. You can’t complain about anything if you don’t vote!!!

3 thoughts on “Is 5 Boxers too many?????

  1. Dogs are like children, if you have 3, one more really isn’t going to make that much of a difference. We have 2 small dogs in the house, plus a cat and a husky outside. Daddy and I prefer Rotties. We had 2 and they were the best dogs. So gentle with our boys. It’s all in how you raise them.

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