Wrist Collar

Woot woot. My Wrist collar came in and I love it. It matches my collar. Sir put it on me last night. Thank you to Victoria at http://www.tobehis.com. She is amazing and they have great customer service.

Gonna be a busy day today. Gotta run my two doggie boarders out of town so they can get some shots and ears retaped. Then my focus will be on getting the house clean. Kind of hard to do with 5 dogs in the picture. But I am going to try my hardest.

SCC Prompt #168

What does your ordinary day look like if you are in a 24/7 D/s relationship?

Well Sir gets up at 2am to go to the gym and then to work. So I am up giving him his “morning send off”. I ask him if he needs anything else from me and normally he says no and I get to go back to sleep.

Well I normally wake up around 7. Take my medication. I feed the dogs (currently 5), put them back in their crates for an hour so that their stomachs settle. I put dishes in the dishwasher, straighten up the kitchen, and sit and have my coffee and catch up on reading my blogs. If I have a blog to write then I start writing on it, sometimes I get finished and sometimes I have to save it for later. After my one hour is up, its training time. So for 15 minutes each I do some type of training with each dog.

By then its 10 o’clock and its time for me to text Sir and see how his day is going. He always asks me how I feel. Here lately it hasn’t been to good. But today I’m feeling pretty good. We text back and forth while Sir is on his lunch break. Then its time for me to run errands, bank runs, grocery store etc. When I get back then its time to pay attention to some of the laundry. After I get that going its time for lunch for the puppies. Then it’s time for me to clean one room in the house.

I normally pick one room a day to clean and work on it throughout the day.

When it’s time for Sir to come home he calls me on the phone to let me know hes on his way. Now on a perfect day I am waiting for him by the door. Most days I’m fiddling around in the kitchen trying to get dinner ready. Unless he says he wants to eat out that day.

After dinner we usually watch television until about 8 and then its time to go to bed. Sometimes Sir wants to play and we do of course but sometimes hes so tired from work that he just wants to go to bed.

This is all subject to change. So the above is written from a perfect day but as everyone knows our days aren’t perfect. A lot of times some stuff gets in the way of plans and you just have to go with the flow of things.

Do You think your D/s relationship looks vanilla in the public eye?

To some degree yes. I’ve had people look at my collar. And at restaurants the waitress is always a little weirded out when Sir orders for me. But other than that I think we look vanilla in public.

What type of rules or protocols do you have to reinforce your dynamic at the end of the day?

We really don’t have any end of the day protocols. We had thought about me asking permission to sleep in the bed. But we haven’t started doing that yet. I’m sure we will come up with some other things to reinforce our dynamic.


Without a collar…

So Sir had to take off my collar a couple of days ago for a medical procedure. He hasn’t put it back on and I went to the mall today. I feel really strange not having my collar on. Its become a part of me. A symbol. It represents something and to not have it on feels like I’m not complete. Not that I am saying I feel any less of a submissive, but I obviously can feel its absence.

To me my collar represents something. And when I am nervous or unsure of things I grab it and it’s like Sir is with me telling me to calm down or that everything will be ok. Don’t know why I put so much into my collar but I do. Its kind of become my wedding ring. Seeing as sometimes I can’t wear them because my hands swell. I can always wear my collar (except during medical procedures).  So no soon Sir comes home from work I am going to ask him to put my collar back on.



Sex at Play Parties!

Recently I made a post about me and Sir going to a play party where there was actual sex involved. I thought this needed a separate post because my feelings were all over the place about it.

The next day I had a sub lunch and I brought up the topic. Most of us didn’t agree with having sex at play parties.

Personally I thought I would be okay with it. I thought that it’d be interesting to watch. But when it actually happened, I was very much weirded out by it. So we just continued on talking to people and pretty much ignored the scene that was taking place. Another thought I had about the whole thing is who would want to use the equipment after that scene. I know there is cleaner but I’m a major germaphobe, but that’s just me.

Another thing that was different was the Fuck Saw, yeah he used condoms on it with every person who tried it. But I don’t know. The experience would’ve been pretty awesome, but would I catch syphilis some how? or am I being pretty silly? Probably am knowing me. But hey that’s my opinion. But with all this said it’s not going to stop me from going to play parties and socializing. Just thought I’d write about my thoughts on the new rules. Now not all play parties is sex allowed. Just certain ones.



It’s been a while…

Hey guys, I swear I am still alive. LOL. Getting used to 5 dogs in the house takes a lot out of you and also trying to run a household. Its exhausting, for both me and Sir. So not a lot of kink going on but I still have my protocols and we are still attending events in the community. We missed out on the “Coffee meeting’ this week because I was in the emergency room last Monday. We didn’t make the monthly Slosh either, I had a date with my vanilla girlfriends. But hopefully this week we will be back on track with attending our local events.

I was in the worst emergency room in my city. I hate being alone in the emergency room too. But there I was, legs tingly and hurting so bad I couldn’t walk. It was a terrible experience that I won’t drag on, luckily Sir was able to eventually come with me. I was there from 8:30am to 11:00pm…yeah… I finally got pain meds around 3:00pm that didn’t work then they tried again with a different type of medication that actually worked. But it was the longest I had ever been in an emergency room and it ruined my plans for the day. Which set me back in the week and I started rushing to get everything done.

Also I just noticed that this is my 100th Post. Woot Woot go me! Never thought I’d write this much or that anyone would care about my writings. So thank you to the 93 people that follow me. It means alot to me. Never even thought 1 person would care about anything I had to say. So this completely surprised me. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Feeling better….

Ok, so a couple of posts ago I sounded very concerned about my submission. In the time that I have written it a lot has happened mentally to me. I’ve had some friends I’ve talked to and then awesome blogger Kayla Lords wrote a post about submissives being too hard on themselves.

It all got me thinking. One, I am making unrealistic goals for myself as a submissive. Two, if Sir is unhappy with any way that I serve him, I’m sure he will let me know. and Three, there are no such things as the “Perfect submissive”. I’m never going to be perfect so I just need to accept that. I am a human, I make mistakes. Hopefully I will learn from those mistakes. As long as I am wholeheartedly giving myself to Sir, when I am able to, that’s all that matters.

We have to work together as a team to make D/s work for us. We have special circumstances, I have a disease that sometimes renders me unable to serve. I have talked to Sir and we are going to get together a protocol for when I am unable to do my normal protocols so that I still feel like I am being submissive. I feel a whole lot better than I did the other day when I wrote that post. I am very optimistic and think that we still have a lot of D/s ahead of us.

Thanks to all the people I talked to about this situation! You have helped me so much!

New Blog!

So I decided that I need to separate my Boxer-business from my D/s blog. So I made a new blog site http://www.hausofboxers.com. So if you like Boxers and wanna hear about me and Sirs adventures in this babysitting/training business, please feel free to go to the site and follow it. I am still setting it up and I just made the first post so be patient for information!

Losing D/s…

Didn’t really know what to title this piece so D/s I guess will do. Recently our D/s has taken a nose dive. Healthwise I haven’t been good and we’ve been crazy busy in our personal lives. I know that sometimes life takes over and the time for play and D/s takes a back burner. I hate that.

I still call Sir, Sir. I still wear his collar. But I kind of don’t feel worthy of it. I don’t feel submissive enough. I still have some protocols that I have to follow, but I feel like its been a little relaxed and I know it’s because I don’t feel well or because we are too busy. Its kind of making me feel less of a submissive. I think these are things that definitely need to be talked about with Sir. We just have to figure it out and how to make time for our D/s and Play. Its not so much the Play, but the strict protocols I am missing. And I guess doing all that kneeling is not realistic. I don’t’ know maybe it is. It was for us for a while, but then we got busy and I got sick.

Everyone elses D/s around me seems to be going great and I am happy for them. I guess I just need to have the talk with Sir and see where and how we can fit D/s back into our life with our busy schedules and my unpredictable health. I have met so many wonderful people while being on this journey of D/s so I’m sure this is the path that we were meant to be on.

I don’t know, I will follow up this post when I talk to Sir about things.

Is 5 Boxers too many?????

Sorry I haven’t written much about our D/s or kink here lately. Its kind of taken a small backseat for a minute while we get adjusted to life with 4 Boxers. But I am working on a D/s post related to Play Parties. Hopefully will be able to post it later today.But not only are we boarding the one Boxer but we have to train him has well. So right now I’m having training sessions with three of the Boxers.

Heidi is training for Rally and Novice. Capone is training on his basics, like sit, stay, down and walking nicely on a lead. Armon poor thing is just learning what his name is. So I have to keep straight what I’m working on and with what dog. I try to do at least two training sessions with Heidi a day and three with Armon and Capone. The rest of the time is  divided up into feeding them and making sure they get enough exercise. Full time job. But I love doing it. Its not all glamour I mean the puppies poop and you gotta figure out which personalities get along best. Like Heidi, Capone, and Presco can go outside and play together Armon is too small to play. But he can go out with Presco because Presco is gentle with him. Its not that the others fight or anything, they just play a little rough and Armon is too small for all that. Although he doesn’t think so, lol.

So my breeder now wants us to take one of her dogs and board it for at least a month. She will pay us of course and provide the dog food. Furi is a puppy a little younger than Capone. So her and Armon would be a perfect pair together. Sir is a little worried about having 5 dogs in the house. To be honest I’m worried too. But I think we can do it. If we can do 4 and live than 5 shouldn’t be that much of a difference. Plus its me that’s with them the most. I will be expected to board and train this puppy too. If we decided to take Furi on, that would be three puppies.

This is exactly what I want to do after I retire but maybe not so many dogs. We will see and I will understand what my limit it. I think 5 is where we will draw the line. Absolutely no more boarders until we get rid of the others.

Well I think that is all for this post…oh yeah today is Election Day so go exercise your right to vote. You can’t complain about anything if you don’t vote!!!