Changing over clothes and ANOTHER Boxer!!!

Ok, so I know I haven’t been writing as much but I have been so freakin busy. Let me catch you up on my life. Well we are now babysitting ANOTHER Boxer puppy until January. Getting paid $300 a month to train him on basic things like sit, down, crate training and house breaking. His name is Armon and he’s 12 weeks old so he knows nothing. So we are at the beginning. this puts our Boxer count up to four dogs…our max! Here’s a little update on our doggies.

Armon is the new kid on the block but doing ok, he’s halfway peeing and pooping outside now. But we’ve only had him for two days.

Heidi is not pregnant, we found this out today when we did an ultrasound. We missed the right timing with her progesterone levels. But it’s ok we will try again next time in about 8-9 months.

Capone is doing ok training wise…we have training tonight so we will see how he looks. Been working on his sits and downs and stays. He’s getting big!

Presco is just Presco. Nothing new happening with him.

And Sir just got finished taking the carpet up from the dog room. We have hardwood underneath. We plan on putting workout gym floor down to protect the wood. Its easier to clean and ok on the dogs feet.

I have three Thirty-One parties that I am planning for. All in the same week of November. Not that I’m complaining because its extra income. There is just a lot of things that go into having a Thirty-One party that I like to do to make it easy on my hostesses. I am very excited about the parties though.

And its Halloween (my late father’s birthday), its always different for me, I love watching the horror movies (Especially the original Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis, it’s my fave.) But I haven’t had too much time to even enjoy the horror movies with everything thats been going on.

And I’m in the middle of packing up summer clothes and putting winter clothes into the closets. Whew! I don’t think I have enough on my plate. LOL!

Oh and this might be TMI but I have an abscess on my labia and am on Antibiotics for it. So no play is happening at all! It’s very painful. Ugh! So blog probably won’t be kinky for another week. Just hang in there with me lol. Like a friend reminded me there is more to D/s than just kinky sex. I am thankful for the reminder.

Anyway, Happy Thursday!!!

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