All Saint’s Eve Play Party & the Fuck Saw….

Well we finally lasted a whole night at a play party. LOL. I got so many compliments on my corset last night, which was awesome. All the usual stuff was the there, spanking horses, St.Andrews Crosses, places to do rope and suspensions.There was a new station though which was extremely interesting. Sir Magic the host brought his fuck saw. It was a modified handsaw that he had made and put a twelve inch dildo on the end of it. A LOT of people signed up to be used with it and it looked like they were having a very enjoyable experience. It was all very interesting to watch. I would like to experience it once I get up enough courage to go bottomless in front of everyone, LOL.

Me and Sir agreed that it made us want to play real badly but we still aren’t ready to play in public.

This was the first party that we attended that sex was actually allowed and performed. A Dom and his sub were on the spanking horse going at it. So that was interesting.

Now on to the social part of the evening. We met a very intoxicated older lady, who randomly just kissed Sir on the lips. We wasn’t expecting it at all. She was very intoxicated. She kept asking everyone to flog her and most people did. See, I disagree with that. If someone is so fucked up, they have no business playing or doing a scene. She asked Sir and he politely declined. As if she wasn’t drunk enough she took two more shots of my Fireball whiskey. I was like ‘oh shit, we are gonna find her passed out somewhere later’. But she was good the whole night. She was still there when we left at 2:30a. The party lasted until 3.  We also met some new people as usual and hung out with some people we already knew. Sir ran into a co-worker and they got to talking about different stuff work and kink related. He was really nice.  We also talked to a girl that is rope top that we know, we might have her tie me up to see if I like being a rope bottom. We plan on going to rope class on Tuesday this week since Sir is on vacation.

We talked a lot with the host, Sir Magic. He’s a very nice guy and a superb host, he makes sure he makes his rounds talking to everyone and always making you smile and laugh. We will probably always go to his parties they are always great. He plays really good music too a mixture of all different genres.

Since our normal bedtime is like 9:30, we were extremely tired by 2:30a, so we decided to go ahead and call it a night. Most people had left and we were just sitting on the couch talking to a few people.

I actually slept really good last night. Probably the best I’ve slept in a while.

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