Play Party Tonight!! Woot woot!

Corsets are my thing now. I love them. I have a black one, pink one, red one, and now a teal one. I can’t wait to wear it tonight to the play party. The Dominant that is hosting it is from out of town and he throws a really nice play party. We went to one a couple of months ago that he hosted and it was great. We are extremely excited to be going. Again we won’t play, we will observe and mingle with the community. We just aren’t ready for public play. .

So I asked Sir if I could go shopping for a new corset or Halloween costume to wear tonight. He said it was alright. That’s when I found this cool teal corset that was just my size. I took that as a sign, lol. There aren’t a lot of corset options at this store for full figured women such as myself. So when I see something that fits me I get excited lol. I just got some teal eye shadow and eye liner from Bare Minerals last month so that will go well with the outfit. We always have a blast at these things I really can’t wait. Now that we know more people in the community hopefully there will be less standing around looking awkward LOL. So my nails are done, hair is done, and now we are relaxing watching scary movies until it’s time to go!

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