It’s Monday…ugh!

Well it’s Monday…and I haven’t had my coffee yet. I think writing is a little dangerous right now LOL but I’m going to do it anyway. Maybe watching a the Halloween marathon on AMC will help. Well this weekend was a little busy. I had a submissive’s lunch on Saturday and on Sunday I attended my first SIG Discussion.

I’m so glad that our community has started to have submissive lunches. They are so much fun, we go to a different restaurant every time. It’s great getting to meet other submissives and talk about all the events that are happening. There are so many things happening in 2016, Sir has to choose which ones we are going to attend.

SIG is Special Interest Groups. Its where Dominants, Switches, and submissives get together and discuss a topic. We split up into our separate groups and discuss the topic then we get back together and have a big group discussion. It was my first one. It was pretty awesome. It was very engaging. I met some really cool people and saw some people I already knew. Conversation was great. I still get a little nervous when I have to say that I am a police officer. One of the topics yesterday was “What do you do if the police come to your house?” so I answered as a police officer and what I would accept. They seemed very grateful for my point of view and some didn’t even know that consensual beating was illegal. I will definitely be going to the next one where we will talk about grief.

As far as today is concerned, I’ve been feeling a little weak and tired the past couple of days. Having 3 dogs, it takes a while getting used to. Especially training a new puppy. So today I am going to focus on cleaning the house. Sir has given me some tasks to complete. I also have physical therapy for knee and hip today. Not really a busy day. But I think it is going to be tiring. It takes me twice as long to clean the house as it would a normal person because I have to take breaks. But anyway Happy Monday to all!!

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