Wisconsin and a little Kink!!!

Ok, so I’m back after my busy hiatus. And boy do I have a story to tell.

So, I’m travelling to Wisconsin with my dog breeder who is a woman, her 13 year old daughter, her nephew and his ex-girlfriend. Yeah so we had 7 dogs and two vehicles. It took us 9 hours to get there. We got there Friday morning, we didn’t show until Saturday. But Friday night everyone decided to get together in the hotel bar and have dinner and a few drinks. It was nice getting to know everyone and talking Boxers. Everyone was super nice.

Well after dinner my breeder decided she was going to go take care of the dogs. I stayed and hung out with everyone until we all left.

Now the problem I had with my breeder the whole time was that she would get overwhelmed by small things and strike up an attitude with me. I told her on more than one occasion I am not her child and there is no reason to talk to me like she was and she’s a verb away from me packing my own car and driving my own self home. It was unreal. When I go to dog shows, I have fun its about bonding with dog and meeting people that have the same love for the sport that you do. There’s no room for frustration and attitude. At least that is my opinion. Now the reason I think she was overwhelmed is because she brought 7 dogs, and only had 4 handlers. No one else brought that many dogs. Her dogs were not trained to stack and stand still so that was frustrating. In my opinion she was not ready for the show and neither were her dogs or handlers.

So Saturday we showed, the other handlers and dogs looked great at the show. Our dogs looked good, but our handlers kind of looked amateurish and like they didn’t belong. However we won 4 of our classes only because we were the only dog competing in those classes. Not because we had someone to compete against. I hate wins like that.

So that night we had the judges dinner. It was nice and got to meet more people. After the dinner we all went to the hotel bar for drinks. One of the guys that was there kept buying us shots and even the judge bought us a round at the bar. It was crazy. But it was fun. So around 2 the bar was closing and my breeder had suddenly disappeared. So I walked back to my room alone. When I approached the door all I heard was “Oh yeah, oh God,” repeatedly coming from my room. (yeah and my breeder is married and her husband was NOT there). So in turn I was a little pissed, one I was tired and just wanted to go to bed. Two, how rude is it to lock someone out of their fucking room while you fuck someone. That’s bullshit. So I waited in the lobby with one of the guys who was walking his dog for about an hour. I called Sir. I was so pissed. Finally I said the hell with it, I’m going to bang on the door and interrupt whatever the hell they have going on. So when I got back to the room I didn’t hear anymore screams. So I just banged on the door. It took them about ten minutes to open the door and surprise surprise it was our trainer friend who is female that my breeder was with. My breeder had thrown up in the bathroom and she was still half naked. I didn’t even care at that point. I just put on my pajamas and went to bed. I said nothing to no one. Now my trainer friend must have some very big balls because her husband was only two doors down from our room. Crazy.

Well the next day my breeder was still drunk. So she couldn’t drive at all on the way home. It was crazy. She only said a few words to me. I think she was completely embarrassed. And she paid for all my meals on the way back home.

Ok, so my initial thoughts on this is, don’t put me in this fucking situation. This is your drama that you two have going on. I don’t want to be a part of it. Now I know something that I can’t unknow (i don’t think that’s a word though). I don’t like secrets and games. I’m way too old for that shit. It’s been a week since we’ve gotten back and I haven’t heard one word from her. Now we have a business relationship but we also have a friendship, we go down and have lunch and dinner with her and her husband all the time. So this puts me in a awkward situation that I don’t like.

But other than that situation it was a good trip. Got to meet some cool people and got to learn a lot about the working Boxer. I’m excited to get training again and start showing.

One thought on “Wisconsin and a little Kink!!!

  1. I know that feeling awe to well, it eats at you especially if you believe in cheating and I do not. Don’t it just make you want to call up the husband and say your wife was fucking around on, it crosses my mind everyday

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