Crazy Busy Week…with no play :-(

Well, this is probably going to be the only time this week I will be able to blog. I’m taking a last minute trip to Wisconsin. Our newest puppy Capone will be shown in an international show on Saturday and I am going along for the ride. We are leaving Thursday night after his training class. I will meet my breeder at her house in Walton, KY and then we will travel with two cars and I think four or five dogs to Wisconsin. I will be gone three days Thursday-Sunday. Also away from Sir, which I hate but these things have to be done.

In between now and Thursday, I will be training the puppy, doing my regular duties with all three dogs, making sure that my female that was just bred has her vitamins. Make sure that I have enough of my medications to last the whole trip while I’m gone. So I don’t have to get refills while on the road. I also have to leave step by step instructions for Sir on how to take care of the two adults while me and the puppy are gone. I have to pack, and take care of some bills early in the week. I have some last minute doctor’s appointments for myself and some Veterinarian appointments for Capone on Thursday. I have to also get my hair done on Thursday, make sure I’m all packed up, and take Capone to his class at 7:30PM. It takes me an hour to my breeders house. We plan on leaving by 10:00PM. I don’t like driving at night but its best because of all the traffic. We have a total of four drivers so no one has to drive for a long time. It will take us about 9 hours to get to La Crosse.

Wednesday we are going to our local community’s Humpday Coffee and Pie, in the evening, which is always fun. I am going to miss the monthly Slosh and our Skills Workshop and Play party :-(. But luckily there are two more play parties this month and one is on Halloween. I still haven’t decided on a costume, ugh! With everything that happened last week and dealing with all the funeral stuff, I’m still exhausted from all of that. I hate missing events in our community. I think it is very important to be involved in your local kink community.

So with all that explained I probably won’t be hopping on here to write until Sunday when I get back. Don’t worry I will fill you in on every detail of the show and hopefully Mr. Capone will win. So keep your fingers crossed or say a little prayer if thats your thing for Mr. Capone to win. He has a great shot at it.

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