Woot Woot New collar (and it fits lol)

2015-10-31 17.49.32 (2) 2015-10-31 17.49.32

Here it is! My new collar…that actually fits this time. I LOVE it! Thank you so much to ToBeHis.com for their marvelous work and patience with me. I would suggest them to everyone! Awesome customer service! They are great. Victoria also does custom work so check her out.

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. I will always remember this day as the Halloween I got my new day collar. Woot Woot!

BTW, Happy Halloween Everyone!!!! Be safe and eat LOTS of candy!!!

Changing over clothes and ANOTHER Boxer!!!

Ok, so I know I haven’t been writing as much but I have been so freakin busy. Let me catch you up on my life. Well we are now babysitting ANOTHER Boxer puppy until January. Getting paid $300 a month to train him on basic things like sit, down, crate training and house breaking. His name is Armon and he’s 12 weeks old so he knows nothing. So we are at the beginning. this puts our Boxer count up to four dogs…our max! Here’s a little update on our doggies.

Armon is the new kid on the block but doing ok, he’s halfway peeing and pooping outside now. But we’ve only had him for two days.

Heidi is not pregnant, we found this out today when we did an ultrasound. We missed the right timing with her progesterone levels. But it’s ok we will try again next time in about 8-9 months.

Capone is doing ok training wise…we have training tonight so we will see how he looks. Been working on his sits and downs and stays. He’s getting big!

Presco is just Presco. Nothing new happening with him.

And Sir just got finished taking the carpet up from the dog room. We have hardwood underneath. We plan on putting workout gym floor down to protect the wood. Its easier to clean and ok on the dogs feet.

I have three Thirty-One parties that I am planning for. All in the same week of November. Not that I’m complaining because its extra income. There is just a lot of things that go into having a Thirty-One party that I like to do to make it easy on my hostesses. I am very excited about the parties though.

And its Halloween (my late father’s birthday), its always different for me, I love watching the horror movies (Especially the original Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis, it’s my fave.) But I haven’t had too much time to even enjoy the horror movies with everything thats been going on.

And I’m in the middle of packing up summer clothes and putting winter clothes into the closets. Whew! I don’t think I have enough on my plate. LOL!

Oh and this might be TMI but I have an abscess on my labia and am on Antibiotics for it. So no play is happening at all! It’s very painful. Ugh! So blog probably won’t be kinky for another week. Just hang in there with me lol. Like a friend reminded me there is more to D/s than just kinky sex. I am thankful for the reminder.

Anyway, Happy Thursday!!!

All Saint’s Eve Play Party & the Fuck Saw….

Well we finally lasted a whole night at a play party. LOL. I got so many compliments on my corset last night, which was awesome. All the usual stuff was the there, spanking horses, St.Andrews Crosses, places to do rope and suspensions.There was a new station though which was extremely interesting. Sir Magic the host brought his fuck saw. It was a modified handsaw that he had made and put a twelve inch dildo on the end of it. A LOT of people signed up to be used with it and it looked like they were having a very enjoyable experience. It was all very interesting to watch. I would like to experience it once I get up enough courage to go bottomless in front of everyone, LOL.

Me and Sir agreed that it made us want to play real badly but we still aren’t ready to play in public.

This was the first party that we attended that sex was actually allowed and performed. A Dom and his sub were on the spanking horse going at it. So that was interesting.

Now on to the social part of the evening. We met a very intoxicated older lady, who randomly just kissed Sir on the lips. We wasn’t expecting it at all. She was very intoxicated. She kept asking everyone to flog her and most people did. See, I disagree with that. If someone is so fucked up, they have no business playing or doing a scene. She asked Sir and he politely declined. As if she wasn’t drunk enough she took two more shots of my Fireball whiskey. I was like ‘oh shit, we are gonna find her passed out somewhere later’. But she was good the whole night. She was still there when we left at 2:30a. The party lasted until 3.  We also met some new people as usual and hung out with some people we already knew. Sir ran into a co-worker and they got to talking about different stuff work and kink related. He was really nice.  We also talked to a girl that is rope top that we know, we might have her tie me up to see if I like being a rope bottom. We plan on going to rope class on Tuesday this week since Sir is on vacation.

We talked a lot with the host, Sir Magic. He’s a very nice guy and a superb host, he makes sure he makes his rounds talking to everyone and always making you smile and laugh. We will probably always go to his parties they are always great. He plays really good music too a mixture of all different genres.

Since our normal bedtime is like 9:30, we were extremely tired by 2:30a, so we decided to go ahead and call it a night. Most people had left and we were just sitting on the couch talking to a few people.

I actually slept really good last night. Probably the best I’ve slept in a while.

Play Party Tonight!! Woot woot!

Corsets are my thing now. I love them. I have a black one, pink one, red one, and now a teal one. I can’t wait to wear it tonight to the play party. The Dominant that is hosting it is from out of town and he throws a really nice play party. We went to one a couple of months ago that he hosted and it was great. We are extremely excited to be going. Again we won’t play, we will observe and mingle with the community. We just aren’t ready for public play. .

So I asked Sir if I could go shopping for a new corset or Halloween costume to wear tonight. He said it was alright. That’s when I found this cool teal corset that was just my size. I took that as a sign, lol. There aren’t a lot of corset options at this store for full figured women such as myself. So when I see something that fits me I get excited lol. I just got some teal eye shadow and eye liner from Bare Minerals last month so that will go well with the outfit. We always have a blast at these things I really can’t wait. Now that we know more people in the community hopefully there will be less standing around looking awkward LOL. So my nails are done, hair is done, and now we are relaxing watching scary movies until it’s time to go!

Free Ankle Collar? & Free Wrist Collar? What???????

My last post I was a little bit upset at myself for sizing the collar wrong. Well when I ordered the second collar the collar maker Victoria emailed me and said for the trouble she would like to make me a ankle collar for free. I was so shocked. It was amazingly nice of her. And if that wasn’t awesome enough she offered for me to send back the collar that was too small and she would make it into a wrist collar for me free of charge. Talk about great customer service. That was amazing, I will recommend them to EVERYONE. http://www.tobehis.com . A very amazing company with great customer service. I am still overwhelmed by the kindness that Victoria showed me!

Collar Fail….

So, I didn’t pay attention to the sizing tutorial and ordered a collar too small for me…ugh…Sir was quite understanding about it, he said just order another one that’s the right size. ugh! I feel like such a moron. Oh well, hopefully I will get it soon, I put a rush on the shipping!

Epic fail….lol

Allergic reaction?????

So I meant to put this in my last post but I will make it a post on itself. A few weeks ago, I started to get a rash on my chest where my collar lock was. Well after researching I found out that it was Nickel. I am allergic to nickel. So we needed to get a new lock. I searched and found a great site http://www.tobehis.com ! They have hypoallergenic locks and they also have collars that are really nice. Well Sir likes the idea of me having different colored locks to match my outfits. So we are going to get different colored hypoallergenic locks. He also like a black steel collar and decided to get that one for me too. So I have a new collar on the way and a new lock. He engraved the new lock with “I am His”. I will post pictures when it gets here. We got an email that said it shipped yesterday and its supposed to be 3-5 day shipping so hopefully it will be here this week.

I will wear my Ring of Steel collar for important events, and play parties but will wear my black collar daily with whatever color lock matches what I am wearing. I am so excited. I can’t wait to get them all.

It’s Monday…ugh!

Well it’s Monday…and I haven’t had my coffee yet. I think writing is a little dangerous right now LOL but I’m going to do it anyway. Maybe watching a the Halloween marathon on AMC will help. Well this weekend was a little busy. I had a submissive’s lunch on Saturday and on Sunday I attended my first SIG Discussion.

I’m so glad that our community has started to have submissive lunches. They are so much fun, we go to a different restaurant every time. It’s great getting to meet other submissives and talk about all the events that are happening. There are so many things happening in 2016, Sir has to choose which ones we are going to attend.

SIG is Special Interest Groups. Its where Dominants, Switches, and submissives get together and discuss a topic. We split up into our separate groups and discuss the topic then we get back together and have a big group discussion. It was my first one. It was pretty awesome. It was very engaging. I met some really cool people and saw some people I already knew. Conversation was great. I still get a little nervous when I have to say that I am a police officer. One of the topics yesterday was “What do you do if the police come to your house?” so I answered as a police officer and what I would accept. They seemed very grateful for my point of view and some didn’t even know that consensual beating was illegal. I will definitely be going to the next one where we will talk about grief.

As far as today is concerned, I’ve been feeling a little weak and tired the past couple of days. Having 3 dogs, it takes a while getting used to. Especially training a new puppy. So today I am going to focus on cleaning the house. Sir has given me some tasks to complete. I also have physical therapy for knee and hip today. Not really a busy day. But I think it is going to be tiring. It takes me twice as long to clean the house as it would a normal person because I have to take breaks. But anyway Happy Monday to all!!

Wisconsin and a little Kink!!!

Ok, so I’m back after my busy hiatus. And boy do I have a story to tell.

So, I’m travelling to Wisconsin with my dog breeder who is a woman, her 13 year old daughter, her nephew and his ex-girlfriend. Yeah so we had 7 dogs and two vehicles. It took us 9 hours to get there. We got there Friday morning, we didn’t show until Saturday. But Friday night everyone decided to get together in the hotel bar and have dinner and a few drinks. It was nice getting to know everyone and talking Boxers. Everyone was super nice.

Well after dinner my breeder decided she was going to go take care of the dogs. I stayed and hung out with everyone until we all left.

Now the problem I had with my breeder the whole time was that she would get overwhelmed by small things and strike up an attitude with me. I told her on more than one occasion I am not her child and there is no reason to talk to me like she was and she’s a verb away from me packing my own car and driving my own self home. It was unreal. When I go to dog shows, I have fun its about bonding with dog and meeting people that have the same love for the sport that you do. There’s no room for frustration and attitude. At least that is my opinion. Now the reason I think she was overwhelmed is because she brought 7 dogs, and only had 4 handlers. No one else brought that many dogs. Her dogs were not trained to stack and stand still so that was frustrating. In my opinion she was not ready for the show and neither were her dogs or handlers.

So Saturday we showed, the other handlers and dogs looked great at the show. Our dogs looked good, but our handlers kind of looked amateurish and like they didn’t belong. However we won 4 of our classes only because we were the only dog competing in those classes. Not because we had someone to compete against. I hate wins like that.

So that night we had the judges dinner. It was nice and got to meet more people. After the dinner we all went to the hotel bar for drinks. One of the guys that was there kept buying us shots and even the judge bought us a round at the bar. It was crazy. But it was fun. So around 2 the bar was closing and my breeder had suddenly disappeared. So I walked back to my room alone. When I approached the door all I heard was “Oh yeah, oh God,” repeatedly coming from my room. (yeah and my breeder is married and her husband was NOT there). So in turn I was a little pissed, one I was tired and just wanted to go to bed. Two, how rude is it to lock someone out of their fucking room while you fuck someone. That’s bullshit. So I waited in the lobby with one of the guys who was walking his dog for about an hour. I called Sir. I was so pissed. Finally I said the hell with it, I’m going to bang on the door and interrupt whatever the hell they have going on. So when I got back to the room I didn’t hear anymore screams. So I just banged on the door. It took them about ten minutes to open the door and surprise surprise it was our trainer friend who is female that my breeder was with. My breeder had thrown up in the bathroom and she was still half naked. I didn’t even care at that point. I just put on my pajamas and went to bed. I said nothing to no one. Now my trainer friend must have some very big balls because her husband was only two doors down from our room. Crazy.

Well the next day my breeder was still drunk. So she couldn’t drive at all on the way home. It was crazy. She only said a few words to me. I think she was completely embarrassed. And she paid for all my meals on the way back home.

Ok, so my initial thoughts on this is, don’t put me in this fucking situation. This is your drama that you two have going on. I don’t want to be a part of it. Now I know something that I can’t unknow (i don’t think that’s a word though). I don’t like secrets and games. I’m way too old for that shit. It’s been a week since we’ve gotten back and I haven’t heard one word from her. Now we have a business relationship but we also have a friendship, we go down and have lunch and dinner with her and her husband all the time. So this puts me in a awkward situation that I don’t like.

But other than that situation it was a good trip. Got to meet some cool people and got to learn a lot about the working Boxer. I’m excited to get training again and start showing.

Crazy Busy Week…with no play :-(

Well, this is probably going to be the only time this week I will be able to blog. I’m taking a last minute trip to Wisconsin. Our newest puppy Capone will be shown in an international show on Saturday and I am going along for the ride. We are leaving Thursday night after his training class. I will meet my breeder at her house in Walton, KY and then we will travel with two cars and I think four or five dogs to Wisconsin. I will be gone three days Thursday-Sunday. Also away from Sir, which I hate but these things have to be done.

In between now and Thursday, I will be training the puppy, doing my regular duties with all three dogs, making sure that my female that was just bred has her vitamins. Make sure that I have enough of my medications to last the whole trip while I’m gone. So I don’t have to get refills while on the road. I also have to leave step by step instructions for Sir on how to take care of the two adults while me and the puppy are gone. I have to pack, and take care of some bills early in the week. I have some last minute doctor’s appointments for myself and some Veterinarian appointments for Capone on Thursday. I have to also get my hair done on Thursday, make sure I’m all packed up, and take Capone to his class at 7:30PM. It takes me an hour to my breeders house. We plan on leaving by 10:00PM. I don’t like driving at night but its best because of all the traffic. We have a total of four drivers so no one has to drive for a long time. It will take us about 9 hours to get to La Crosse.

Wednesday we are going to our local community’s Humpday Coffee and Pie, in the evening, which is always fun. I am going to miss the monthly Slosh and our Skills Workshop and Play party :-(. But luckily there are two more play parties this month and one is on Halloween. I still haven’t decided on a costume, ugh! With everything that happened last week and dealing with all the funeral stuff, I’m still exhausted from all of that. I hate missing events in our community. I think it is very important to be involved in your local kink community.

So with all that explained I probably won’t be hopping on here to write until Sunday when I get back. Don’t worry I will fill you in on every detail of the show and hopefully Mr. Capone will win. So keep your fingers crossed or say a little prayer if thats your thing for Mr. Capone to win. He has a great shot at it.