Welcoming a New Member to the Family!!!

Whew!! The past few days have been crazy with the newest member of our family. Here he is introducing Mr. Capone.

Capone Capone2 Capone3 Capone4

It’s been crazy the past few days. Its been a long time since we’ve had a puppy in the house. He is four months old and keeping us on our toes. So we’ve been running back and forth running to Petsmart, our vet, Feeders Supply and meeting the family. Whew! We got him Thursday and today is the first day that we haven’t done anything but hang out. Although later we gotta go to Petsmart.

This guy is a little different. He’s a great puppy so far. But I have a lot of pressure to get him trained and titled. He’s from Croatia and has an amazing pedigree. He starts his classes October 1st. So for now I am letting him get used to the schedule that I have for him and the other two dogs.

And just as we got him, my female dog came into season. She will be bred this season. This will be her first litter. I’m anxious to see what kind of mother she will be. Well anyway just wanted to explain why I haven’t been writing the past few days.

5 thoughts on “Welcoming a New Member to the Family!!!

  1. We had a Hottie that we adored and she was the perfect dog. Absolutely awesome with our kids and other people as long as me or my husband was around. But she hated other animals. When we bred her, I was worried she would be neglectful, or worse yet, attack her babies. She surprised us all. She was a wonderful mother! We had to have her put down due to hips, there was no guarantee she’d ever walk again. My husband has a tattoo of her on his arm.


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