New Job?? Going back to School???

So, I may be getting a new job. I am applying for two positions at the Veterinary office where I take my dogs. They are looking for a receptionist and a Kennel tech. I don’t know, I guess we will see. Hopefully I get one of those positions and I won’t have to apply for disability. We will be financially ok if I get one of these jobs. So fingers crossed!

Since I’m trying to get this job, I figure why not go back to school and get my Veterinary Technician degree so I can move up in position at the animal clinic if I get the job. Or I could get certified as a dog obedience trainer. I guess everything is really contingent on me getting one of those positions at the animal clinic. I guess only time will tell. Again please keep fingers crossed.

Still waiting on my retirement from the police department to come through. Its taking forever for them to make a decision but they do have a lot of medical records to go through.

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