Journal, Daily Tasks, and Infusions…Oh My!!!!

I have recently started journaling everyday. I have a pretty nice new red journal that I will write down all my thoughts and feelings about our D/s and Sir is going to read it every night. So that he can know feelings and what he may need to do as a Dominant to help me. Good idea, right? Well the problem is, I’ve been writing but he hasn’t been reading…I don’t think. I leave the journal in our living room so that he has full access to it. But he hasn’t talked to me about any of the stuff that I have written so far. So either A) he’s reading and not communicating with me that he’s reading or B) he’s just not reading. Its part of my rules that I have to write in my journal everyday.

I’m not one to complain. However, I am the one that has to slow down. I want everything to happen fast and right now. I have to slow down and let things happen the pace that Sir wants them to happen.

The daily tasks are going pretty well. I’ve completed them all pretty nicely and I will have to admit. It gives me more motivation to do those tasks so Sir can be proud of me. Those hard tasks like cleaning off the Kitchen table that’s full of mail and other things that simply don’t belong there. I am determined to keep the rooms looking nice without Sir having to tell me to do so. The only rooms that are going to be hard are the dogs room and the extra bedroom but he hasn’t asked me to tackle those just yet.

Also as I sit and write this it is infusion day. I am getting my Benlysta Infusion for my Lupus. It’s a chemotherapy drug that I receive monthly to keep my Lupus in control. It takes about 3 hours to run through my system. For the most part it works but I still have some breakthrough pain that is controlled most the time with pain medications.

Ok, so this post has taken all kinds of turns from Journaling to Daily Tasks, to Infusions, lol. But TGIF, happy Friday everyone!!

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