Submissive Coffee Club Prompt #136

Do you struggle with body image?

Yes, I do. I have been struggling with it for 3 years now. In 2011 I was diagnosed with Lupus, at the time the only answer to get it under control was to use high doses of Prednisone, which is a steroid. Prednisone makes you extremely hungry and irritable. It also makes your body hold water which causes weight gain. At one point I was taking 120mg every 12 hours. It caused me to gain 75lbs within 6 months. I went from looking like this:

To looking like this

Dog (2)

It was quite a drastic change, you can only imagine what it did to me mentally. I was diagnosed with Major Depression and Anxiety. I thought I was the worlds ugliest person. I was ashamed of my body, I didn’t want to have sex or even be naked in front of Sir. I got winded going up stairs it was completely terrible.

Now in the last year, I have lost some of the weight, and I am continuing to lose more. I am off that horrid drug Prednisone. But I am ok in my skin now. Sir makes me feel like I am the most beautiful girl in world and that he wouldn’t want anyone else. I will never be as small as I was and I am ok with that. I just want to be a healthier me.

Do you look around and notice that staggering number of people who may have similar issues?

I really don’t. In my silly head I think that everyone is so comfortable with how they look and I am the only person who has body image issues.

Does you relationship dynamic have specific rules to combat body image insecurities?

No, not as of yet. I think as long as my Sir keeps making me feel like I am beautiful, I will continue to be ok with my body image. If Sir sees that it is getting out of hand I’m sure he will implement something.

4 thoughts on “Submissive Coffee Club Prompt #136

  1. I love these prompts. Being happy in ourselves and accepting what they tell us is so important. You are beautiful whatever weight, because it is more than our weight that defines us. I know how difficult it is to lose weight, and I haven’t had steroids to stop me doing so xxx

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