So I have a new job…

So, a couple of days ago my dog breeder called me. She wants me to start keeping puppies for a month and leash training, teaching them to sit, stand, and down. I will start with her puppies and she will pay me to do so. She has two that she wants me to train. Then she will recommend me to the people that she gives puppies to. She said they always ask her to keep the puppy for a month to train it a little better. Her clientele are kind of on the wealthy side, I mean they are paying $1500-$2500 for a Boxer puppy. So I’m sure they don’t mind sending the pup to me for a month for training and paying me for it. I have to figure out a price to charge though. I am going to go up and visit my breeder this week and talk to her about it. So I will be doing something that I love doing, working with Boxer pups.

I talked a little more with my breeder and I am charging her $250 per puppy that she wants me to train. She wants me to train one puppy starting in October. Then she will start recommending me to her customers. Some of them want titles on their dogs which definitely would cost more per title. Like $100 more per title, plus show entry fees and my travel expenses. But any who, I was just so excited about this opportunity, I had to write about it. Ta ta for now!

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