Play Party #2…

So, Saturday we attended our second play party. It was a lot of fun. Very different from the last. A guy from out of town hosted it. He played better music and was very sociable with us. There were more people at this play party. I wore my new pink corset and some heels that was way too much, I had to take them off soon after I got there, a little embarrassing. But perfectly alright. There were also more play stations then at the first one. We watched the spanking horse in use, two people use the St.Andrews cross. and all kinds of rope rigging. We are hopefully attending our first rope class tomorrow night, if Sir is feeling better.

There were so many different people there it was amazing. I am always in awe when we go to these things. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. We definitely dig the crowd. We haven’t gotten enough courage yet to really do a full scene yet. I know we will get there eventually. I would probably like our first scene to be on the St Andrews Cross. Doing some flogging, crop work. But of course that is for Sir to decide.

We are starting to get more involved in the community we plan on starting to attend Rope class on Tuesday nights, and Humpday Coffee on Wednesday nights. Its kind of like this group is one big family and they have a lot of events that happen throughout the month. We went to our first Humpday Coffee last week and it was so much fun, we met so many nice people. It was at the Homemade Pie and Ice Cream Kitchen. Which had amazing food. So it was good food and good conversation. I think I might have even gotten a couple of Thirty-One customers.

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