The Past Few Weeks…

OK, I know that I have kind of neglected my blog a little bit. There really is no good reason except that I have been busy with life. And not in the D/s since. So I decided to try to explain what’s been going on the past few weeks. To be honest I really haven’t felt like my kinky-self. With good reason, we haven’t really played in a while.

Well my health has been an issue the past couple of weeks. I think I’ve been in the emergency room 3 times. I’ve had a lot of procedures done to rule things out. They turned out good! But I still have been feeling bad and Sir has seen that. He’s been extra caring with me. He’s such a good Sir. But I feel guilty that I can’t be the submissive he deserves sometimes. This damn disease makes me so pissed off sometimes. Sir has been so understanding. I got my monthly infusion on Friday, had a Vendor Show on Saturday, and a Launch Party on Saturday. Normally the day after my infusion I am dead dog tired and sometimes a little sick. So having this busy schedule was not a good thing. I had actually forgotten that my infusion was Friday, I thought it was earlier in the week and I would have time to recuperate. Friday night we were able to set up for the Vendor Event that was to last from 9-5p on Saturday. Sir was really helpful in helping me get my booth set up. So that took a little stress off of me, all I had to do was show up Saturday morning. The show went ok, I got only one sale but made a lot of contacts.

So after the fair I had the launch party at my house at 6:30PM so I had to take down my booth, load it in my car, and drive back all the way across town and set it all back up in my basement. Sir was only able to help set it up at home. He didn’t get off work until 5 and we were done at the show at 4:30p. But I had some nice Mary Kay reps help me take things to my car. Meanwhile, I start getting texts from my guest saying that they can’t make it, or something has come up. By the end of it there was only one guest and my sister-in-law that was coming. My friend that was coming had never seen Thirty-One so I decided to just do an educational thing to tell her about all the products we had. By the end of the presentation she was wanting to sign up to be a Consultant. I was thrilled. Definitely didn’t expect that. She wants to talk it over with her husband and I will be following up with her on Wednesday. So happy about her joining up.

But anyway, I was so tired after they left. I was tired and sore.

Sorry about this rambling post but I felt like I had to get it out.

Today, I am feeling much better. I rested all day Sunday. I don’t really have much to do today so I think that I am going to concentrate on getting back into my submissive mode. Hopefully soon will have some kink-related things to write about. I know I’m boring you all with this vanilla stuff. LOL.

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