Going Back To Church Folk….LOL

Ok, so me and Sir are a part of small group at our church. We haven’t been to our groups meetings in a LONG time. Since before we decided to live a D/s lifestyle. So needless to say I was a little nervous about wearing my collar.

So we got there last night and all was normal. People were happy to see us again. There were A LOT of new faces and some old ones. It was a nice time. I was talking to the group leaders wife and she looked at my collar and asked “Hey what is that thing?” and I was like “Umnn, well..” I hadn’t really rehearsed an answer but I managed to stammer out that it was just a necklace. Later the boys and girls split up into two groups. Another girl asked if the collar was medical or if it was a necklace. I told her it was a necklace. Laughing inside all the time.

We figure that we should keep our lifestyle choice under wraps to the small group. I mean if they ask us about it, then we definitely will tell them. We aren’t ashamed or embarrassed. It’s just not something that we are going to bring up. Plus we haven’t really conquered explaining it to vanilla people yet. Yeah I’ve told some of my vanilla friends but they are people that I know wouldn’t judge and would understand. Don’t really know how the church people will respond to me called Sir, Sir.

So I just thought I’d write about my experience there. So now that we are back in group. We will be there every Tuesday night.

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