My Busy Weekend…

Whew, this weekend was so busy. Friday I had a vendor show for Thirty-One all day, where it rained most of the day. I got no sales ­čśŽ I was so tired when I finally got home Sir decided that we weren’t going to go to our local groups Slosh.

Saturday I was supposed to do the same vendor show ALL day, but I also had to prepare for we were going to our first Play  party (more about this is a separate post!) So instead of going to the vendor show I went shopping for something to wear. I found a nice black corset (never wore a corset before), and a cute black skirt to match. I also got fishnet thigh highs, and 4 inch heels to go with it. That pretty much took up most of my day. So we went to that Saturday night.

Sunday, I was back at the vendor show all day. I made about $400 in sales, which was pretty good. They told me I should’ve been there Saturday because a lot of people were there and I probably would’ve made a killing. Ugh, I hate that. When I finally got home I was pooped and so was Sir. He had to work Sunday after our Play Party. We didn’t leave until about 1:30am and Sir gets up at 4:30AM to go to work, so he didn’t get much sleep at all.

Any who, thought I would tell ya a little bit about my busy weekend. The next post should be about how our first Play Party went!! I hope to get it done by tomorrow.

The Brie Series…

So on this website that I’ve been talking a lot about lately, the subs have a book club. We are reading the Brie series of books. I am a little behind because of when I became a member of the site but these books are awesome. You can get them from itunes or amazon. The first book is “Brie Learns the art of submission”, it is very helpful in learning the art of Submission. Basically Brie goes through “Submissive School” to learn how to be a a submissive. I find that this book has been extremely helpful. I am on the second book series “Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission: After Graduation”, which is awesome because its about Brie learning how to apply what she’s learned in submissive school into real life D/s relationship. Again I am fully recommending these series…HBO needs to make this into a show, LOL.

Brie Brie2

Being a Patient little Submissive….

OK so patience is not one of my strong suits. And since we have entered a D/s relationship I am noticing this more and more that I need to work on it. I forget that I’ve been doing research on being a submissive far longer than Sir has been researching on becoming a Dominant. I understand that its going to take time. However there is that little bratty girl who wants it now now NOW! Sometimes that half of my brain tells me that he might not want this as much as I do. But then the other side of my brain quickly says…”but he’s working full time and most days he’s putting in over time. He comes home and on some days has to mow the grass and tend to the yard, he goes to the gym to workout (which is why he’s NEVER stressed about anything), etc” so maybe I should give him some slack for not being glued to his computer researching and trying to figure out what he wants as a Dominant and relaying that to me. It will happen in his own time and I just have to allow it to. I have to be..what’s that word..Patient. Although going through this it kind of is helping me gain control over my impatience.

I plan on doing a Kneeling Challenge, that was presented on the website. I will take time everyday and kneel for myself and think about how I can become a better submissive. If I am working on myself I won’t be so consumed with why we aren’t moving fast enough (in my eyes). I was supposed to do this the last two weeks but it has been pretty chaotic. I will find some place to kneel and try to do it for 10 minutes a day. I hear that you get a lot of clarity from doing this. I hope it will help me become less stressed about my current D/s situation. And before you go thinking something, yes Sir reads this and yes I have talked to Sir about my issues with patience and this subject.

I am sitting now doing a Gastric something study at the hospital, where I swallow eggs and they take pictures to see how long it takes them to leave my stomach. This test takes about 4 hours and they have to take a picture every 30 minutes and in between that I am bored and sitting in the waiting area. After that is done I have another Doctor’s appointment at 12 and then at 1:30 I have my monthly Benlysta Infusion for my Lupus which takes 3-4 hours. I left home this morning at 6:00AM and I won’t be back there until about 5:00PM. Its gonna be a long day.

No New Boxer…Yet! :-(

So I went to my breeders house as planned when I saw Kristo the Boxer I was gonna take he was huge. I looked at his score in obedience on IPO1. It was a 72 out of 100. Not Good. So my breeder offered another dog, in a couple months she will be getting a male puppy from Germany. That will be the Boxer we take. He will probably be 12 weeks old when we get him and we will start training ASAP.

In the meantime I will be working with Mr.Presco to get his Novice (CD) title. He’s gotten one leg, all he needs is two more. There is a show in September. I think I can have him ready by then. Plus he has these two spots on his knees that I need to nurse and get looking better. Long story short, when I was working Presco was pretty much in his crate all day. Causing these marks on his legs. However my breeder told me what to use to get the hair to grow back and treat his skin. So I will be doing that along with having a training and exercise regiment to get more defined muscles. He’s got to gain a couple more pounds so we are feeding him a little extra. But its hard to do that when its raining…UGH! I don’t know how long its supposed to be but it needs to hurry up, I got training to do. I may also try to get his Rally Advanced (RA) title as well.

On another note, surgery wound is healing up nicely. I’m not taking pain meds anymore. Which is good. So Happy Friday to everyone!!!!!

Submissive Coffee Club Prompt #126

This prompt was very interesting so I decided to answer the questions. It’s from the Submissive Coffee Club.


1. If you could only have one element of the lifestyle what would you choose—-the sexual or non sexual?

Well this really is a hard question because I love them both equally but if I HAD to choose, I would choose the non sexual. Yes, sex is great however being able to serve my Sir and making his life easier is far more important than the sexual element.

2. What are your favorite non sexual parts of D/s?

One of my favorite non sexual parts of D/s is giving complete control to Sir. He orders my food at restaurants. I can’t take a bite of food until he has taken his first bite. I think I love the protocols in our D/s relationship.

3. Are you able to clearly differentiate between the two parts, or does one flow into the other?

I think they flow into each other because we are doing D/s 24/7 I believe that they do mix together.