Trying to explain your Collar to you 85 year old Grandmother….

So, I went to lunch with my grandmother today and of course I had my collar on. Now my grandma is the one person in the world that I can’t lie to. So I told her over the phone a couple of days ago that I got my collar. Her reaction: “Oh my God, you’re wearing a dog collar,”…I told her it wasn’t a dog collar. But she insisted it was a dog collar possibly with spikes. LOL. So I haven’t mentioned my collar and I picked her up for lunch this afternoon.

I didn’t say anything about my collar. She started the conversation “Your collar is really nice, its like a necklace” I was surprised she saw it that way. She was very nice and even excited about the collar. Then we had the BDSM talk. I had to explain that Sir does not beat me with a stick (sort of, lol). I had to explain that BDSM is part of our D/s relationship but its not the only thing about our relationship. Its about respect and letting him lead and making sure he is at ease when he comes home from a hard days work. She seemed relieved. She said she saw on “Criminal Minds” that a guy was part of a BDSM club and had rough sex and got killed. She thought that at some point Sir would kill accidentally. I told her we are Safe, Sane and consensual (SSC). I told her that I trust Sir and that he’s not going to kill me. So she seemed a little bit more relieved. As far as the collar goes I just told her it’s like a wedding ring. It symbolizes his ownership of me.

Then I had to make a stop to our local Adam and Eve store to pick up a present I had gotten for Sir. I got the  We Vibe 4 Plus vibrator. I can’t wait to use it when I’m gone on a trip this weekend. Sir can control it from anywhere because its blue tooth.


Pretty cool looking huh? It has a G-Spot vibrator and a clitoral vibrator so it will interesting trying this. It comes with an app that Sir can use to control the vibrator. I will wear it all weekend at the conference and anytime Sir feels the need to press the button, I will get a pleasant surprise. Ha! I can’t wait. Oh by the way Granny stayed in the care while I ran in an purchased it. LOL.

Now I really must get off here because I have yet to finish packing and I’m leaving at 4am for Columbus. You Probably won’t hear from me for a couple of days but I will bore you with the details of the conference and every time I get my “Surprise” LOL. Until next time stay kinky my friends!

5 thoughts on “Trying to explain your Collar to you 85 year old Grandmother….

  1. Wow good for you for telling your grandmother! I don’t plan on telling even my mom! LOL

    Let us know how you like the WeVibe. I’m worried it won’t be strong enough for me.

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  2. I have heard that the We-Vibe is fab. Apparently it also feels great for the partner. Either from feeling it during penetration or to use as a modified cock ring, can we say cock on here. Oops.

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  3. I love that! My mom took the news laughing her backside off. My grandmother would have been a different story, so I’ll just have to be that kind of grandma for my grand baby.

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