My Surprise…Fail…sort of!!

LOL, so I decided to get the We Vibe 4 Plus vibrator for a present for Sir so he could control it while I was on my trip this weekend…Well what I didn’t know is he purchased the We Vibe 3 a while ago and was going to surprise me with it tonight, LOL. So what do we do???? Keep both he says! LOL

The We Vibe 3 can’t be controlled by bluetooth, so he could only use it when we are close to each other.

How funny that we got pretty much the same toy. Great minds think alike I guess, LOL! I guess we will be having a lot of fun!

2 thoughts on “My Surprise…Fail…sort of!!

  1. Hi! I wanted to ask you a few questions regarding the We Vibe 4 Plus, if you don’t mind 🙂 1) how does it fit on you? Does it stay in place? 2) have you tried it with your partner and how does it fit? 3) does it make a lot of noise in public? (I.e. Would you wear it in a train, semi-quiet?) 4) how is the Bluetooth connection working with cellular connection? You can email me if you prefer for privacy at I’m looking at getting one too!


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