A Shameless Thirty-One Promo..lol

Hello All, So this is a shameless plug of the Thirty-One Business. I am a Consultant and since I will no longer be working this is my source of working income now. So I am working hard on it. If you have never heard of Thirty-One then check out my site. There are a lot of cool things. You can actually place an order from my site as well if you see something you like. We sell stuff like monogram bags, purses, jewelry, and totes. Pretty nice stuff. Here’s the link to my site http://www.mythirtyone.com/ellashaferriell . Happy Shopping. And anyone who orders I will send a free gift to you. And thank you for your business!

Monthly Special- For every $35 spent you can also purchase any thermal for half price.


Large Utility Tote $42- Monogrammed with “Toy Bag” a place to keep your toys, and you can also purchase a top ($10) for it as well. And if you purchase that you can also get any thermal bag for 1/2 price (think school lunch boxes, monogrammed)

3 thoughts on “A Shameless Thirty-One Promo..lol

  1. Darling! I love thirty-one products and will certainly take a look. Would you use the contact page one blog to email me your store link?

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