Collars, Vanilla Weddings, Oh my!!

Yay! It’s here. Thank you “Ring of Steel” for 2 Day Priority Shipping, LOL. I got it in time enough to wear to my friends very Vanilla wedding last Saturday. Yeah, I know, I’ve been working on this post since Saturday….LOL…


One of my good vanilla friends got married last Saturday night and we were guests at the wedding. It was the first outing that I wore my collar to. Well it was the first time I wore my collar at all. I was a little nervous that someone would say something about it or ask me about it but no one did. It felt natural wearing it after about an hour.

I am very proud to wear this collar that my Sir has given me. I feel honored that he thought it was time for me to be collared. It makes me want to submit to him so much more. I am more concentrated now in my submission to him. I am currently trying to work on patience as we go through this journey at Sir’s pace.

I’ve been doing my kneeling exercises. I know its been a bit since I have written in here. I plan on doing better with that. As it will help me in my journey. But it’s just hard to sit down and write sometimes but I’ve got to muster through it. Any who…just thought I’d write about how I’m a Collared submissive now and how honored I feel that Sir deemed me fit to wear his collar. His sign of complete ownership of me.

Tonight we will go to our local BDSM group’s humpday Coffee meeting. We are supposed to be meeting another couple there which will be fun. I will definitely write about it. Until then “Stay Kinky my friends” LOL.

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