Going Brazilian….

So, today was my first experience getting a full Brazilian. Mind you I have always shave that area. But I suddenly got tired of shaving and was like ‘Hey I’ll give this Brazilian thing a try’. Well I was nervous at the beginning to say the least but my technician was so nice and took it easy on me being my first time. I mean I was thinking so many things could go wrong. What if I fart? What if it hurts so much that I bladder leaks a little bit? so many things to think about, LOL. Silly things though. Oh and the big one, letting a total stranger see your ladybits is a mess. Most of my nerves subsided when I laid down on the table though.

I went to my favorite Spa and they are always professional and know what they are doing. So I kept reassuring myself that nothing would go wrong, I just needed to breathe.

I found that the top part, the end of my stomach part hurt the most. She said that was a sensitive area. But everything else really didn’t hurt at all. Other than feeling like she was ripping a band aid off it really didn’t hurt. It took maybe an hour to do.

I had planned on going to the gym after the waxing but she told me that I should abstain from doing anything to make myself sweat. So I scheduled my appointment for my next one in six weeks.

I was sure I would be waddling out of the Spa awkwardly. However, I walked out just fine, LOL. Me and my silly mind.

Well that experience was overall was good, I would say I am a fan and will definitely be getting on the bandwagon of Brazilian!!

4 thoughts on “Going Brazilian….

  1. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t, for me it all depends on what time of the month it is. However I am a slight masochist so it is all good!


  2. I’ve never shaved, I’ve always waxed and the only issue is having to be hairy for a while till it grows long enough to wax again! Haha
    I think the tweezers to get the last few stubborn hairs out hurts the most.

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