Our First Play Party

So last night we went to our first Play party. We brought a couple of our vanilla (I hope the night made them a little bit more Kinkier, lol). I got a new out fit from Spencer’s and Cirillas. My first time wearing a corset and a cute little skirt, fishnet thigh highs, and four inch heels. I was a little uncomfortable with the 4 inch heels and I was sure I was gonna wipe out in them. But they were sexy. So I definitely needed them. The girl at Cirillas was really helpful!


So I was nervous all day. I’ve read about Play parties but never really experienced one. But I was excited at the same time. I counted down the seconds until it was time. I told my best friend (who is vanilla) about us going to the party and asked her if she wanted to come. She was definitely down to come. So at least we would know one person there and have someone to talk to.

So finally it was time to get ready. My friend had to put me in my corset, I was a little concern about the cleavage but my friend assured me that is how its supposed to look. I swear I could set a beer on my chest, LOL.

2015-07-12 19.49.04 (1)

And there it is all put together! So we got there around 1015-1030. It was in a warehouse looking building. Oh and stufpid me forgot my 4 inch heels at home. I was going to wear flats in and put my heels on when I got there. So I had to walk around barefoot all night. But it was ok, I didn’t mind. Anyway, there were dungeon crosses, spanking table, stockade, doctor table, and suspension hooks. It was was pretty awesome.The first scene we saw was a rope scene. It was great, it got intense towards the end and she was screaming while he spanked her hard. It was semi dark but you could see her ass was completely red. It was a little hard to watch, but I had to keep telling myself that it was consensual and this is what she liked and wanted. Afterwards he did great aftercare with her by hold her and kissing her. There was a lot of rope play. Which was nice because that it something that Sir is interested in. We even got our first lesson in rope tying. He tied my ankles and legs up.

I expected there to be more nudity, but for the most part everyone was fully dressed. Except this guy in a wheelchair he was completely naked. We dressed accordingly you saw what I wore. My friend wore a black corset and black skirt with knee high boots. I was relieved when we got there and saw what people were wearing, we fit right in. We talked to the guy who put it on, we met him when we went to a Slosh. He is very nice and welcoming. Actually everyone we came across was very nice and welcoming. Both me and my friend wore protection collars. A lot of people liked mine, it was silver with a lock and key set. Definitely reminded me of this blog, when I saw it in the store. I had to have it.

There was a scene that was very hard to watch. A woman was on a Dungeon Cross for at least 30 minutes and took a beating that was out of this world. She was caned, flogged, whipped and a few other things I didn’t know what they were. Her screams were probably the worst. When they were done he did great aftercare with her. She looked completely exhausted but satisfied.

My friends husband joined us a little after we got there. and we were approach by a nice girl who showed us how to flog and play with the crop. She gave us tips and everything. She even gave us presents. Her flogger was awesome. Me and my friend got flogged by our husbands. It was nice. I really liked it. Sir did a great job. But he had a great teacher too. We so didn’t expect to play that night. We were just going to observe. But we ended up playing a little and it was great. I can’t wait until the next one, maybe we will play again.

We left about 1:30. Sir had to be up for work at 4:30. So he didn’t get much sleep. I think my vanilla friend and her husband had a great time as well. Like I said earlier the people couldn’t have been nicer. I really like our BDSM community here. We saw a couple of people that we knew from the Slosh and that was nice. But overall I think we have a wonderful experience at the Play Party.

I asked the guy who put it together what were the rules for doing a scene. It was the Grand Opening of the space called ReMix, and there were no rules posted on the event on Fetlife. Well he said the main rule for that night was no penetration, no sex. But he said he planned on having a party next month that will allow sex. That will be interesting to see. I can’t wait. I wonder if my friend and her husband would join us next time. They did seem to enjoy themselves. I’m trying to get them to come over to the kinky-side. LOL! We will see.

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